May 29, 2018

Samgyupsalamat Unlimited Korean BBQ Restaurant Opens in San Juan

Samgyupsalamat, one of the original purveyors of unlimited Korean bbq in the country, has finally opened another branch in San Juan. Samgyupsalamat has been operating since 2012, but it was only until last weekend that I get to dine in one of its branches. Finally, another option for Korean bbq around San Juan. 

The restaurant is located at the 2nd floor of Metro Pointe Center along P.Guevarra. (same building as Rustan's Supermarket and Nathaniel's Bakeshop)

We used to frequent Sodam for unlimited korean bbq, but it's always hard to get a table especially during weekends. Plus, even though they have a wide array of cooked dishes, they only have plain pork and beef choices for grilling. Finally, here comes a new player offering more meat selections. 

There are 2 options for unlimited bbq at Samgyupsalamat:

Unlimited 1- 5 kinds of pork  (P399 for 11am-3pm, P449 for 3pm-2am)
Unlimited 2- 9 kinds of pork + beef (P449 for 11am-2pm, P499 for 3pm-2am)

Both options come with unlimited servings of side dishes, lettuce, rice, soup, steamed egg, and iced tea

I highly recommend going for Unlimited 2 as you can enjoy unlimited beef slices for just an additional P50. Trust me, it is sooo worth the extra premium as Samgyupsalamat uses premium angus beef slices.

Samgyupsalamat has 9 pork and beef selections. You can have the classic pork and beef slices, or go for more flavorful options with marinades like bulgogi, gochujang, herb pepper and other seasonings.

I went with my family on a Sunday lunch and the place was packed. Just like other Korean restaurants, Samgyupsalamat serves unlimited side dishes such as kimchi, fish cake, pickled radish, potato marbles etc. We were immediately served with the side dishes while deciding for our meat selections.

Our favorite side dish was the fish cake. I couldn't remember how many refills we requested for this. I lost count at 10. >_<

We enjoyed unlimited servings of steamed egg too.

You can try all the meat choices on the menu, but each table is served 2 meat platters at a time. You can request for refills or new meat items once you finish the first servings. They are not too strict about this though, as you can easily request for new items even when there are still meats on the grill. I guess it is more so as not to overcrowd the tables with plates.

Here are the different meat selections at Samgyupsalamat:

Daepae Samgyupsal and Beef Samgyupsal 
sliced fresh pork belly and sliced American beef short plate

Gochujang Samgyupsal and Gochujang Beef Samgyup
sliced pork belly and beef short plate with sweet & spicy sauce

Yangnyum Daepae and Yangnyun Beef Samgyup
sliced fresh pork belly and beef short plate with seasoning sauce

Beef Bulgogi
Korean beef barbecue with sweet soy sauce

Buljib Samgyupsal
Tenderized fresh pork belly & herb pepper

Yangnyum Moksal 
Pork neck bone steak with sweet seasoning sauce

Everything was so good, I couldn't decide on a favorite. I liked the natural angus beef flavor of the plain beef short plate, but I also liked the marinated ones especially the bulgogi and gochujang.

How to SSAM! Samgyupsalamat has this interesting instructions for a better korean bbq exeperience.

I really enjoyed adding this "pamoochim" or Korean green onions to my wrap. 

We ended lunch on a sweet note with some Korean ice cream. I got this Samanco Green Tea with Red Bean (P65) which was really good. 

Happy Tummies!

Samgyupsalamat Menu:

Samgyupsalamat Unlimited Korean BBQ
2F Metro Pointe Center P. Guevarra St. Corner N Averilla St. San Juan

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