August 9, 2021

Hong Kong Little Kitchen- A Taste of Legendary HK Roasts in New Manila

Chanced upon Hong Kong Little Kitchen in Sonema Square while sourcing fabric for our new bed. The restaurant occupies a small space that can accommodate at least 20-30 guests. Their menu is quite simple and revolves around five kinds of roast- HK Roasted Duck, Crispy Lechon HK, Roasted HK Barbecue, HK Soy Chicken, and HK White Chicken.

HK Roasted Duck (P1880/whole, P980/half)

The roast duck was very tender and meaty. I wish the skin was crispier though. Nevertheless, it was very flavorful and the plum sauce complemented it as well.

Roasted HK Barbecue (P300/quarter, P600/half, P1200 whole).

If I had to choose a favorite, it would be this plate of barbecue asado. Some people might find it too sweet especially with its sauce, but that's just the way I like it! The meat was not too fatty, but still tender and moist. Yum!

HK White Chicken (P340/half, P680/whole)

HK Soy Chicken (P340/half, P680/whole)

Both chicken were good, however I felt that the flavors did not seeped through the meat well. While the chicken was very tender, we had to request for extra ginger sauce to enhance its taste.

Shrimp Wanton Noodle (P208)
choice of: Regular Soup, Spicy Soup or Dry Noodles

Another good dish, but serving size could be bigger. We opted for the dry noodles with the soup served separately. The soup was light and had that sweet umami flavor. Shrimp wantons were tasty and the noodles were firm to the bite. 

Hong Kong Little Kitchen Menu:

Hong Kong Little Kitchen
Sonema Square 42 N. Domingo St, Quezon City
Tel Num: 7563950

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