October 11, 2011

Sambokojin- Yakiniku Smokeless Grill

We've been wanting to give Sambokojin a try but every time we go there to make a reservation, the place is always full of customers waiting.

One Saturday night, we arrived at 7:30pm and the receptionist told us that we're number 42. Estimated time for us to get a seat is at 9:30pm! 

Seriously?! I never thought that customers would really wait for 2 hrs. just to eat there. Now, it really made me more curious and meaning to try Sambokojin out. 

We decided to eat a different restaurant since we were hungry already. There is always a next time for us. 

Fast forward to that "next time"..

My father's birthday. 

We reserved via phone call as early as 3:00pm but was told that they only accept phone reservations til 5:30pm. We have to be there to make our reservation after that time. 

So, we went to Eastwood around 6pm and reserved for an 8:00pm slot. 

Finally, we got ourselves a seat after waiting for another 15 mins. 

They have various sauces to choose from and the waiters were kind enough to explain which sauces are great for meat and which sauces are for seafood.

Service wise, it's absolutely great! Waiters are everywhere. They really assist to your needs and recommend dishes for you. 

Drinks Menu

The Sushi Bar

Sambokojin's sushi bar has the wider selection of sushi compared to Yakimix.

If you love sushi, then this is the place for you. I think Sambokojin's specialty is their sushi. The selections are refilled impressively fast. You could hear the waiters shout the names of the maki plates which are about to be empty.

The Sushi Board

Wasabi Lovers-This will blow you away! 

My Personal Favorite!
Japanese Rice wrapped in crepe batter (thought it was tamago)

They also serve ready to eat dishes like Chapchae, Katsudon, Soba Noodles, Beef Stew, Tofu, Gyoza and many more.

And of course, they also have the Tempura section which is always the fast-moving dish. Once the waiter puts out a new batch, give it 10 mins. and it disappears right before your eyes.

Korean Appetizers Section

Miso Soup 

The Grilling Selections

As you notice, their rolls are basically the same. It's just a matter of the ingredient inside the rolls.

Beef with Kani                                                                   Bacon with Mushroom

Pork or Beef?

Seafood selections and quail eggs on stick

Barbecue Selections


and more Shrimps

I love that their shrimps were fresh and big. If you can't find some on the counters, you may ask the waiters since I think they limit the amount of shrimps they serve. 

They also have recommendations of which sauce is best matched for the meat selections.

Our dinner plates:

Our grill selections:

Our Grill

I completely enjoyed the grilling that night. But choices for the grill items are quite common and almost everything are just the same.

For desserts, a thumbs down for me. Their pastries were not good at all.

Cupcake Tower
Chocolate Mousse

unfinished desserts

Fruit selections were limited too.

But I'd still give the ice cream bar a point since it has 4 flavors (chocolate, vanilla, mocha and strawberry) and assorted toppings! :)

The fondue was not bad either. 

You could request the staff to render a birthday song since we noticed that they would sing birthday songs once in a while. I guess many customers prefer to celebrate birthdays here.

And so we joined the bandwagon :)

The staff cheerfully sang my father a birthday song and greeted him a happy birthday.

They gave 3 slices of brownies with whipping cream and candle for my father to blow. 
Happy Birthday To The Greatest Dad in the World Universe!
Buffet Rates in Sambokojin:
P495- Monday to Friday Lunch
P595- Saturday and Sunday Dinner
P595- Monday to Sunday Dinner
P295- Children's Rate

Operating Hours: 11:00am-2:00pm; 6:00pm-10:00pm

Sambokojin Yakiniku Smokeless Grill
Eastwood Branch
Eastwood City Walk
E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave (C5),
Bagumbayan, Libis, Qc
4210145, 4210146

EDSA Branch
207 EDSA Greenhills,
Mandaluyong City
7264466, 7264520


  1. grabe, ganun na pala kahirap magpareserve ngayon jan. but looking at your photos, specially your dad's smile, all the effort was sulit. ♥

  2. @Chyng
    Hi Chyng! :) yup sulit na tlga. Service was great pa :)

  3. belated Happy Birthday to your Dad. Honestly, I haven't been there pero mukhang magugustuhan ko...

  4. @peachkins
    Thanks! Looking forward to your review pag natry mo na :)

  5. Super belated happy birthday to your dad! :) Anyway, I'm glad you like Sambo Kojin.. I want to dine here again because of the chillers. Wala pa kasi nun during our previous visits. And the sushi selection, parang dumami na!

  6. @Sumi Go
    I was impressed by the sushi selections nga e.. Ang dami and ang bilis din ng replenishment.

  7. Hi Beh! If you were to choose, sambokojin or yakimix? Would like to try sambokojin pero baka same lang sa yakimix!

  8. @sam
    Sambokojin has great sushi creations. They also have wider choices of cooked food. For the yakiniku choices, madami din naman.. If you haven't tried sambokojin, it's definitely worth a try :) same same with yakimix for me but try mo pra at least maiba nmn :) for the desserts, yakimix got it though.

  9. Kaye! I think mas konti yung tao sa EDSA branch. We had no trouble reserving a table for Marvin's birthday. I love buffets din, kain tayo nila Karen bago sha mag China!

  10. @Abby
    Game! hirap lang dw ata parking sa Edsa branch. Pero let's go! haha :)

  11. hello! i heard that they offer FREE Buffet for bday celebrants? So your Dad, didnt he get his food free?


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