December 4, 2011

Crave Burger- Good Burger. Good Place. Good Times @ Congressional Ave.

After trying out O'Railey's Cafe offerings, we also got to try Crave Burger since it is managed by the same owner. Crave Burger is just beside O'Railey's giving customers more choices when dining.  People having coffee at O'Railey's could grab some burgers from Crave while diners from Crave could also have some cup of coffee or milk tea from O' Railey's. 

We were served with Crave Burger's Ultimate Burger (P195) and an order of their Spicy Chicken Wings (5 pcs./P250) with crispy fries on the side.

I was surprised to see that the burger was big and can already be shared by 2 people. But since we were already full that time and I doubt I'll be able to finish off the whole burger, we had the burgers to go instead. Plus, I will be attending an early Christmas party at a friend's house after so I thought leaving a little room for the party would be a great idea.

The burger was made of 100% pure beef patty, caramelized onion, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and a melted cheese slice with a pickle on top. I could say that it has almost everything good on it. I used to think that Crave burgers are the small regular burger patties inside regular burger buns. But I was wrong. Look at that. Who would resist the bacon, onions and melted cheese on it right?

Their spicy wings looked like regular fried wings when served. Upon trying out a piece, a hint of spiciness kicked in. The spiciness was tolerable though and the chicken was crispy on the outside but still juicy on the inside. The only thing lacking for me was a bleu cheese dip to go with the wings and to neutralize its spiciness.

Crave Burger Menu Flyer:

Crave Burger
G/F One Joroma Place,
Congressional Ave. Quezon City


  1. The burger looks so filling even on the photo! :)

  2. @Sumi Go
    Agree! the burger patty was also thick. Sayang was not able to try it. Inuwi ko sya before heading to a party and on the next day it's gone! hahahahaha! :))
    Well, that just gave us a reason to go back. :)

  3. Looks really good. Too bad its far from here. =(

  4. Look at the cheese! melted goodness!! I wish I had some of this right now. but I will definitely try this resto


  5. they have lots of branches already. is it any good?

    1. The chicken was good. It may look just like an ordinary chicken but there was spice in every bite :)The burger patty was juicy and tender as described by my brother. :)


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