December 19, 2011

The Noel Discovery Bazaar Experience- Dec 9-18 at the PICC

I'm back! I've missed blogging about our food adventures lately because of the Noel Discovery Bazaar at the PICC.
For 10 straight days and nights, I have been hands on manning our booth in the said bazaar.

It was really tiring and I must say exhausting too. I've never felt this tired in my life. Seriously. Never in my college life did I felt this exhausted.

Everyday, I must wake up early to check if the supplies and our products are all set. We must arrive before 11am since the bazaar starts to open for public at 11am.

We joined the Noel Bazaar as a food concessionaire selling Quezon products such as Pancit Habhab, Uraro, Banana chips etc.. We also sold some siomai and wintermelon tea. It was hard at first especially since I don't have any experience in doing this kind of stuff. But as days pass by, I got the hang of it eventually. Still, it was really tiring. At this moment, I'm thinking that never again will  I join bazaars as a food concessionaire. As I always say "Lugi pa ako sa pagod." and "Mahirap talaga kumita ng pera. "

This is just a quick post about what I was up to for the past 10 days as I still need to do some documentations about the bazaar.

I think I'll be able to blog again regularly next year since we will be in Cebu and Bohol this Christmas season.

For now, I'm looking forward to more hours of sleep and some ways to relax.. a spa perhaps. :)

See you! :)


  1. Sayang. Sana pala I visited you sa Bazaar. Enjoy my hometown Cebu :)

  2. Too bad I wasn't able to visit the Noel Discovery Bazaar.. >.< I joined bazaars too before, but as a fashion items seller.. It's really tiring, but my experience was only for 2 days. So I can really imagine what you went through for 10 days straight of booth manning, especially since food pa ang paninda niyo. Mas malaki ang pagod.. >.<

    Anyway, enjoy Cebu and Bohol! Try to de-stress, relax and unwind for a while.. You deserve it! :)

  3. @kay
    Thanks! Actually it will be my first time sa Cebu. I'm sure I'll enjoy it there :)

  4. @Sumi Go
    Yup.. super stressful tlga.. Natry ko na din items sa bazaar before and 2 days lang din but ngyn ko lg tlga naexperience ung gnito kahirap.. haha!

  5. Looking forward sa cebu and bohol posts mo. Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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