December 6, 2011

A Starbucks Christmas Blend and Tumbler Giveaway Winner

I love online contests that are not complicated to do. Normally, I would join contests that involves liking a page and commenting on a post. 

Last month, I joined The Peach Kitchen's Starbucks Christmas Blend and Tumbler Giveaway. Her mechanics were easy to do and follow. I tried my luck and surprisingly, I won the giveaway. 

Of all the 43 entries who joined, my name topped the list via

I was so happy when I got an email from The Peach Kitchen telling me that I won. I sent my details immediately to her and got even happier when I learned that a coupon for a complimentary beverage is included inside the tumbler. Double yay! :)

And here it is.. A pack of Starbucks Christmas Blend and a Starbucks Christmas Tumbler.

The Christmas Blend is a pack of 100% Arabica Whole Bean Coffee.

Inside the tumbler was the coupon for the free beverage and another paper with some guidelines in using it.

Again, I would like to thank Ms. Peachy Adarne of The Peach Kitchen for an early Christmas gift! :)
More power to your site and looking forward to more giveaways in the future :)


  1. Congrats for winning! ^^ So far I haven't been too lucky in online contests.. haha.. XD

  2. @Sumi Go
    At least you won some movie tickets already. That's a great start haha! :) Hopefully magtuloy tuloy na db?

  3. I just saw your comment this is really important to me Thanks for coming here

    Love From everything is canvas

  4. Nung nakita ko yung title ng post mo sasabihin ko pa namn na yung sister ko nagpa giveaway din ng ganyan kasi di naman nya gagamitin. Yun pala ikaw ang nanalo ng pa giveaway ni sis! hehehe! Congrats! thanks for following my blog. Followed you back! See u around!

  5. Thanks for linking me up and blogging about it. I don't like giveaways with lots of requirements.

  6. omg!this is what i wanna have right lucky you!! =)


  7. @peachkins
    Welcome peachkins! :) I agree! buti na lang your giveaway was very easy to do :) Thanks! :)

  8. wow congratulations! early christmas gifts! ♥

  9. Thanks Chyng and Manila Foodistas! :)

  10. wow congrats! sayang I did not see this one

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  13. It’s really nice when a bloggers hosting a give away to their entire follower, because it is their way of saying thank you for supporting their blog and I’ve always wanted to try to join in but sometimes their mechanic are a bit complicated so I ended up not to participate. Good thing the one that you joined in had a very easy mechanics. So congratulations!


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