July 30, 2012

The Works Bistro- IL Terrazzo, Tomas Morato

It's been a while since we last dined in Il Terrazzo Tomas Morato. Normally when we do, our choice would only be Omakase or Banapple.

Fortunately, we had to chance to visit Il Terrazzo again and chanced upon this new restaurant called The Works Bistro.

Salad Harmony (Solo-P95/ Sharing P155)

Salad Harmony is a song to the mouth that gives a medley of flavors and texture. A fruity and nutty combination with crisp lettuce, almond slices, chopped tomatoes and egg, sliced grapes, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese tossed in sweet balsamic vinaigrette. 

Wings & Rings (P205-6pcs./P110-3pcs.)

Wings & Rings from the name itself is a basket of BBQ buffalo flavored chicken wings paired with crunchy onion rings. The wings were coated in a sweet and tangy blend of bbq sauce while the rings were fried in a nice crunchy batter coating. A bit oily but both were quite good.

Pizza Azzuro (10"-P315/12"-P405)

For our pizza, we had The Works Bistro Pizza Azzuro that is topped with shrimp, squid, bacon and bell pepper. I love how thin and crispy the crust was. However, I think it was left in the oven longer than it should, making it a little burnt on the sides. As for the taste, it was good since toppings were quite hefty and the pizza was a lot cheesier too.

The Works Burger (P165)

D got himself The Works Burger which is a thick beef burger patty, fresh crisp lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and dressing in between a toasted and crunchy sesame bun. An order comes with few slices of mojos that was actually good and better than the regular fries.

See how thick the burger is? According to him, the burger was juicy and satisfying. It was quite heavy to eat given all the dishes we had ordered and consumed. 

Parmigiano Fish Fillet (P180)

For entree, we got a fish course which is the Parmigiano Fish Fillet. A Parmesan breaded fish fillet smothered two ways in tomato and white sauce served with corn, veggies and rice. The rice has this smokey burnt taste but it lacked flavor to it. The fish itself was surprisingly good with tender and delicate flaky texture. It was perfectly seasoned and the two kinds of sauce gave a great balance and combination to the dish. 

Finally, for our dessert, we got to try their famous Brownies on Fire (P150).

Check out the amount of fire on it? From this photo, you may get an idea how much alcohol was placed on it. 

Let us pause for a moment of silence..

We managed to indulge ourselves in this brownie ala mode for just a matter of seconds! The alcohol was a bit strong especially on the bottom layer of the brownie but the vanilla ice cream helped to balance a bitter-sweet flavor. 

Lychee Mint (P90) & Sandy's Delight (P90)

For our drinks, we had two of their best-selling mocktails- Sandy's Delight and Lychee Mint. 

Sandy's Delight is a mix of mango puree, peach and lychee syrup, pineapple juice and lychee fruits blended all together to come up with this sweet delighting drink. 

Lychee Mint on the other hand is a fusion of lychee syrup, lime juice, lime mixer and mint leaves. This cool and refreshing drink is perfect for someone who loves a more citrus and minty blend concoction.

The Works Bistro has this posh area of colorful and comfy chairs with various reads while waiting for your orders. They also have this big tv screen near the bar area where you can watch some of your favorite tv shows.

The Works Bistro Menu:

The Works Bistro is a great alternative if you want to try something new in Il Terrazzo. A feel good place just to just hang out and experience some feel good comfort food. Prices are reasonable given their serving sizes and quality of food.

The Works Bistro
2/F Il Terrazzo Mall, Tomas Moarto cor. Sct. Madrinan,
Brgy. South Traingle, Quezon City
Mobile Num: 0923-676-4622


  1. I think I've seen a voucher of this.  The salad looks good.  

  2. Ok this makes me hungry. I love the wings and rings, oh yes the pizza too, and now my mouth is watering for my favorite brownies ala mode.  Can they have their branch in Baguio to..hehehehe.!

  3. Rjay DatingalingJuly 31, 2012

    brownies on fire! cool! este hot na ba?

  4. I'm so intrigued with the brownies on fire! :D I'd love to bring the boyf here. Will definitely wait for a voucher of The Works Bistro.

  5. That juicy looking burger will be a sure filler. I know it's great to drop by Tomas Morato but never thought of trying foods at The Works Bistro. Now this calls for a try.

  6. I just realized I have not been to Terrazzo for sometime.  Where is this in Terrazzo?  Which resto did it replace?

  7. That brownies on fire is making me salivate. I mean, this resto got terrific names for their menu, they ring my ears. Now, they should branch out to Cebu!

  8. What can I say, I'm already full by just staring at the photos hehe

  9. U8mypinkcookiesJuly 31, 2012

    the burger & brownies look delish!

  10. i'm not sure what resto it replaced but it's located at the 2nd flr just beside bon chon :) 

  11. i think they offered one recently :) not sure if it is still ongoing though :) 

  12. I was suppose to attend a meeting here later but since I won't be going, I'll just take a long hard look at the foods in the photos in the hopes they become real. =>

  13. Ron LeybaJuly 31, 2012

    Hungreeeeeeeeeeeeee. Yeah, that's what my mind and stomach said to me upon looking at your food pics.

  14. You made me crave! First time to encounter a green salad with grapes. Everything looks delicious and a bit on the healthy side.

    When I saw the burger, I was comparing it with the McDo cheeseburger I was eating :))

  15. Newly-opened lang ba ito? I haven't spotted it the last time I was at Il Terrazo. So far, ang natry ko pa lang dyan yung Coke-inspired resto and Banapple. Anyways, all of your orders look delish, kakatakam! :)

  16. it's fairly new.. the coke-inspired resto closed down already..

  17. I think I've passed by this place a lot of times already. Haha. The places that I've been to in Il Terrazzo are mainly on Omakase I think.

  18. all yummy! I'll have a heart attack if I finish them all! Sad that it's too far from me. I'd surely like to try them out!

  19. Beryll, your post made me hungry! It also reminds me that I haven't been in Tomas Morato for a little while now, I guess I should pay a visit soon and check on The Works Bistro. :) BTW, I love how you include menu on your every post, very helpful :)

  20. thanks yedy!! i check menus din kasi when reading blogs to see their other food offerings :) 


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