December 7, 2012

Jasmine Restaurant Offers Authentic Cantonese Cuisine at the New World Makati Hotel

Jasmine is the Cantonese cuisine specialty restaurant of New World Makati Hotel that boasts to serve  fine and authentic Cantonese dishes. The place exudes elegance with modern Chinese art deco, spacious dining area and cozy ambiance. 

Helmed by the new Chinese Executive Chef, Wong Kam On, Jasmine will take diners to a whole new level of world-class dining. With his more than 20 years of Chinese culinary experience, prepare yourself for a palate-pleasing creations that will surely delight one's appetite. 

Dim Sum Basket

Initially satiate your hunger with Jasmine's Dimsum Basket, which is a trio of Shrimp Dumpling, Chicken and Abalone Dumpling and Scallop Dumpling. 

Chicken Salad, Jelly fish in Black Vinegar Sauce

While you are at it, tease your palate with this beautiful ensemble of Chicken and Jelly Fish Salad in a sweet and sour black vinegar sauce. The sweet sesame peanuts add a nice crunch to the whole dish as it complements the chewy and crunchy jelly fish.

Pan Fried Egg Bean Curd w/ Seafood

For non-meat lovers, you'd definitely enjoy this Pan Fried Egg Bean Curd w/ Seafood as much as I did. Take note though that this is not your regular pan fried tofu as this one is made with egg making it tastier and more flavorful compared to regular tofu. A delicate and silky smooth custard texture unfolds as you bite into the crispy outer layer of the bean curd. 

Steamed Cod Fish Fillet in Egg and Soy Sauce

Resting on a bed of soft egg custard and asparagus is this Steamed Cod Fish Fillet in Egg. Four slices of cod fish fillet in a beautiful and heavenly white color, with a delicate and flaky texture followed by a fresh, clean and sweet taste.  This mouth-watering dish will surely win the hearts of many. 

Seafood Fried Rice

As for the rice, try Jasmine's specialty Seafood Rice with conpoy (dried scallop), egg white and pine nuts. A different take on the usual Yang Chow fried rice that we love. 

Pan Fried Diced Beef Tenderloin in Barbecue Sauce

Another notable dish to try in Jasmine is their Pan Fried Diced Beef Tenderloin in Barbecue Sauce. Chef Wong indeed knows how to make a really good beef dish as the beef not only was so tender but it was so flavorful and succulent as well. The tasty and crunchy croutons gave a nice contrast of texture which made this dish the star of the night. 

Bailing Mushroom and Shrimp Mousse in White Sauce

Simplicity at its finest, the Bailing Mushroom w/ Shrimp Mousse in White Sauce is all about that. Simple as it may be, the combination of mushroom and shrimp mousse which resembles that of a shrimp ball, is certainly a perfect match. 

Braised Chicken and Basil Leaves

Braised Chicken and Basil Leaves is a hot pot of chicken chunks with lots of garlic and ginger. A dish with strong flavors of spices and herbs with tender chicken chunks in thick and flavorful sauce. 

Chef Wong's Sesame Balls

No, this is not your ordinary buchi/sesame ball. This is Chef Wong's Sesame Ball. You'd be amazed and be left wondering on how this classic Chinese dessert was made. This is by far the biggest, if not the most unique sesame ball I've ever seen in my life. 

Chef Wong successfully pulled off this delicious treat by reinventing the boring buchi into this awesomely huge Chef Wong's Sesame Ball. Crisp and crunchy on the top with chewy and sweet bottom layer like mochi. Truly one of a kind and worth the try!

Orange Jelly 

To cap off the sumptuous dinner at Jamsine, have a taste of their signature dessert of chilled Orange Jelly. One order of this uses at least seven (7) freshly squeezed orange juice mixed with gelatin and without any addition of sweetener. A light and refreshing dessert with the natural taste or fresh oranges. 

It's Beryllicious Top 5 Picks:
Pan Fried Egg Bean Curd w/ Seafood
Steamed Cod Fish Fillet in Egg and Soy Sauce
Pan Fried Diced Beef Tenderloin in Barbecue Sauce
Chef Wong's Sesame Balls
Orange Jelly 

Jasmine Restaurant
New World Makati Hotel, Esperanza St.,
cor. Makati Ave. Ayala Center, Makati City
For reservations call: 8116888 ext. 3338


  1. Looks pricey. What's the price range?

  2. Would love to try this, although like Stacy, I want to know the prices too. Baka di afford :))

  3. the usual hotel resto price range i guess.. I wasn't able to get the price for each dish since it was a special dinner menu for us that night.

  4. hehehe.. best to eat with the fam :) you know what i mean ;)

  5. I really love to try different foods here in one of the best Makati
    . They really have the good food here.


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