December 3, 2012

Mu Noodle Bar- Mother Knows Best in Wilson, San Juan

D was consistently bugging me that we try this new noodle bar in Wilson, San Juan called Mu. He told me that their serving is really big and prices are affordable too. Seldom do I crave for noodles during dinner but one Sunday night, I decided to heed to his request and give Mu Noodle Bar a try. 

The place has this simple and modern interior with black walls, hanging lamps and wooden ceilings. It was very cozy and the place looks perfect for a quiet casual date. 

On the Table

Seafood Gyoza (P120/6 pcs.)

We ordered for the Seafood Gyoza which came in clear dumpling wrappers like that of hakao and seafood crystal balls. A nice twist to the classic steamed gyoza giving it a silky and chewy texture. 

Cereal and Hoti Prawn (P320)

Next, D wanted me to try one of Mu's specialty- The Cereal and Hoti Prawn which is basically shrimp tempura in two kinds of coating. The first kind was this tempura covered in green crunchy Hoti/seaweed coating. You can actually taste and smell the fragrant seaweed flavor, and I must commend the huge size of their prawns too. The cereal prawn on the other hand was a sweeter and candied-like version which is very easy for me to love since I like sweet stuff. Both tempura flavors were unique and definitely worth the try. 

Beef w/ Tendon Noodles in Miso (P240)

D recommended that we try their soy-based noodles, but the stubborn me went for miso instead. Mu's noodle serving was indeed huge and served piping hot on a cast iron bowl. In fact, the noodles was still boiling when served to us.

As for the taste, the Beef w/ Tendon wasn't too beefy as I expected but good thing there's enough tendons to keep my palate distracted. The broth wasn't my type of soup too. I knew it! I should have listened to D earlier and got the soy instead. The noodles didn't meet my expectations too as the texture wasn't that exceptional. I must say though that it was a great value for money considering its price and serving size.

And then something caught D's attention. We reported it to our server and he explained that sometimes there really are flying insects around the lamps and it might have fallen off our bowl. I snapped a photo of it and I'm pretty sure it wasn't something flying but rather crawling. We just shrugged it off since the waiter was very apologetic about the incident, plus we were almost finished with our bowl.

Cua Pao Custard (P120)

As for our dessert, D once again recommended the Cua Pao Custard which came in 4 pieces of golden brown cua pao buns filled with sweet and creamy condensed milk. It was more milky than sweet as condensed milk but it was still an interesting dessert to try. 

Mu Noodle Bar Menu:

It's Beryllicious Top Picks:
Cereal and Hoti Prawn
Seafood Gyoza

Even though we had this not so good experience in Mu Noodle Bar in terms of sanitation, I'd still consider visiting again and try their soy-based noodles which D keeps on raving about. With their prices and serving size, Mu Noodle Bar is definitely worth a visit.

Mu Noodle Bar
#197 Wilson St., San Juan


  1. Wilson is becoming a foodie place na talaga. I have to explore the place some time. :)

  2. I am not really a fan of seafood but I will take this into consideration.

  3. The Gyoza in the clear wrapper is a nice twist and also look so tasty and so are the rest of their food offerings.

  4. Victor NaiveDecember 04, 2012

    I love seafood talaga especially lobster.. sa Bohol sobra,,, ganun kasi mga hilig nila..

  5. Rain De OcampoDecember 04, 2012

    that seafood gyoza looks alive.. hehe. Not really a seafood lover but i've seen some stuff on your post that interests me. I want to try that pork and veggie gyoza and pina colada ice cream :) Wilson is such a far away place but I think the family will sched a visit to greenhills this Christmas. Will put Mu Noodle Bar in mind and hopefully part of our ITE when that happens.

  6. I'm intrigued by the cua pao custard. =D

  7. Those prawn tempura are so tempting to try! I was intrigued by your comment about sanitation issues though. How bad?

  8. The miso soup looks appetizing although I have never tried miso with meat. I guess there will only be a slight difference or did it affect the taste? Because if I remember it right, you cannot boil soup that has miso in it because that will actually kill the probiotic bacteria present in miso. That's why tofu works well in miso soup because it does not really have to be well-done for you to consume it.

  9. OMG... while reading your post I'm craving for some foods now :(... gyoza and beef with tendon noodles in miso :(

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  10. Wow, I want to try that seaweed-coated tempura! It looks and sounds strange but I seem to love seaweed that much. Pringles seaweed, anyone?

  11. you really should @michymichymoo:disqus :)

  12. like a-small-dead-insect-floating-on-your-bowl bad hehe :)

  13. Jinkee UmaliDecember 05, 2012

    Thanks for posting this one. Will definitely drop by. Love seafoods even I found out I got skin allergy

  14. The Beef with Tendon Noodles in Miso looks good and filling. Perfect for the hungry :)

  15. the soy-based noodles and dessert look good. the restaurant interior looks elegant and sophisticated, perfect for a date or a group meeting.


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