July 18, 2013

YummySoy Philippines: Soy Craze in Singapore to Manila-Fort Strip

"Tahoooo!" A familiar chant we hear since our childhood days. 

With people gearing towards a healthier lifestyle today, more healthy products are being offered in the market. And Soy is one of them. Our family loves soy products like soya milk, tofu, taho and soya chips. In fact, we already have our suki taho vendor who visits us regularly at home. We've known him for more than 5 years already and until now, he gives us a special price of P10 for one big bowl.

But to be honest, I prefer drinking soya milk and munching on tofu chips than eating our local taho. It's just that taho is so heavy and filling to consume that one bowl is more than enough to fill my soy cravings.

Not until I was introduced to YummySoy!

YummySoy is an international franchise from Singapore, and finally, they decided to bring the soy craze here in the Philippines. Their flagship store is a kiosk located in Robinsons Place Manila, and just this June, they opened a concept store at the Fort Strip beside K-Pub BBQ and Modern Sichuan Restaurant.

The place looks pretty small with its big neighbors but I guess they don't need that much space since most customers prefer to just grab and go. Plus, it would just take a few minutes to finish up one order of their chilled taho. Trust me! :) 

I was able to sample some of YummySoy's offerings recently, and I just can't get enough their Chilled Taho. 

Original (P75) 

Our favorite! Simplicity at its best, the Original chilled taho is so good on its own even without syrup and toppings. What makes it different from our local taho is that its not too filling and heavy to eat. It's more like a wobbly jelly for me with silky smooth and delicately soft texture. Some people might not like the idea of having no syrup with their taho, but worry not 'cause their original flavor has a subtle hint of sweetness to it. 

Dark Chocolate (P85)

You may also go for flavored taho like this Dark Chocolate-infused chilled beancurd that's equally smooth and silky. D, who drinks a glass of chocolate soya milk every night still prefers the original over this one though. 

Strawberry with Strawberry Pop (P100)

For fruity flavors, I liked their Strawberry chilled taho complemented by some strawberry pop add on. There's a hint of strawberry from the chilled taho but the strawberry pop adds a sweeter and tangier strawberry flavor to it. If you think that's too much strawberry for you, then I suggest going for the Original with strawberry pop add-on instead. 

Almond with Pearl/Coffee Jelly (P95)

My second favorite. I love the almond jelly dessert served in Chinese restaurants, so even before I've tried the Almond taho, I was certain that I'l love it. Other add-ons available are chewy pearls and coffee jelly. For me, I think our local tapioca pearls would be better than these big chewy sago which I prefer in my milk tea. As for the coffee jelly, I found its syrup too sweet for my liking. Again, I think this add-on is better with the original flavored taho.

On another visit, we were able to try their new add-on which is this rainbow konjac jelly. 

And on another visit, we decided to try their White Chocolate (P85) and Hazelnut (P85) flavors.

The White Chocolate tasted like a sweeter version of their original, while the Hazelnut on the other hand tasted like hazelnut flavored coffee. I'd still stick with the original :)

Aside from their chilled beancurd, YummySoy also offers chilled and hot Soymilk drinks. One may opt to add sinkers with his soymilk like pearls, coffee jelly, strawberry pop, and grass jelly.

We stock up on bottled soymilk drinks at home and I was so excited to try YummySoy's version. 

Original with Grass Jelly (P85) and Strawberry with Strawberry Pop (P100) 

Our soyamilk drinks all came in 50% sugar level but we found the original less sweet compared to the flavored ones. I suggest going for 100% when getting the original but D who's "trying" to be healthy said that 50% is okay for him. 

The strawberry soymilk was just right in taste and sweetness level since the strawberry pop served as an added sweetener to the drink. I think kids will love this as it tasted fancy and fruity. 

Original with Pearls (P85) and Almond with Coffee Jelly (P95)

Once again, it was D who finished off this cup of the original soymilk drink. I on the other hand, prefer the Almond flavored soymilk with Coffee Jelly. The sweetness level was just right for me, plus I also enjoyed chewing on the coffee jelly bits. 

For people on the go, YummySoy also has this product called Slurppy (P75-Original, P85-Flavored). It is basically the same as their chilled beancurd but in different packaging. You just have to insert a straw and slurp away :) 

YummySoy Menu:

After numerous visits and trying out a lot of products from YummySoy, I'd say that I am officially addicted to their chilled beancurd! It's light, silky and lives up to its promise of "melts-in-your-mouth". Of course we still love our local version of taho with sago and syrup, but I don't mind paying more for this premium chilled taho once in a while. As for the soymilk, I have yet to try the 100% sweetness level of the original flavor. I really hope that they would offer bottled soymilk next time since its more convenient to bring especially when you're on the go. 

It's Beryllicious Picks: 
Original Chilled Beancurd
Almond Chilled Beancurd
Almond Soymilk 

YummySoy Philippines
Fort Branch
The Fort Strip (beside K-Pub Bbq), 28th St. cor. 5th Ave. Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
Contact Number: 555-8334
Robinsons Place Manila Branch
3F Midtown Wing, Robinsons Place Manila, Adriatico St., Ermita 
Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/YummySoyPH


  1. Jakey JunkieJuly 18, 2013

    Oh wow, a second blog mention of YummySoy. I really HAVE TO start trying this one out.

    I grew up on taho, and up until now, I still have our friendly-neighborhood kuya taho along the stretch of Ayala Avenue. I also miss my Baguio strawberry taho.

    Anyway, I gotta try this stuff and add some variety to my taho-rich life. Especially with their "pop-in-the-mouth" pearls as they say.

    ~ Jakey Junkie (http://jakeyjunkie.blogspot.com)

  2. yes, do try it out! :) i think last night was my fourth time to visit them.. currently addicted haha! quite different from our local taho but a must try! :)

  3. Wow! You tried all the chilled beancurd variants na! :D I'm planning to take home an original, white chocolate and hazelnut on Sat XD Although I have a strong feeling I'll still prefer the original over the other flavors

  4. Angeline Mae SalumbidesJuly 18, 2013

    It's a stone throw away from where I work! Yey! I want to try the Almond flavored one. :)


  5. hihi! kmi original pdn tlga and almond :) pag in the mood for fruity il go for strawberry.. ung white chocolate prng original lg tlga sya e mas mtmis lang so original pdn ako hehe :) Tara avail ntn promo nila on sat na buy 6 for 400 :)

  6. wow! ur so lucky!! almond is also my favorite! also try their original.. the best :)

  7. Tara! :D I'm planning to buy 3 lang naman to take home!

  8. Lol because of you two I just had to try this. Okay naman. But, prefer the japanese soy pa rin. And, half the price kasi hahah.

  9. Rochkirstin SantosJuly 19, 2013

    Whoa you even visited another time to try their other flavors haha. I like YummySoy products but I've had too much after taste-testing the five flavors in chilled taho form and in drink form. : ))

  10. hehe! mas gsto ko kasi sya since light lang.. anu ung jap soy? havent tried that one pa ata?

  11. hahaha agree! i really liked their original but then decided to go for other flavors on my succeeding visits hehe :) Next time will always stick to that na :)


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