July 24, 2013

Weekend Brunch Specials at The Cake Club by Diamond Hotel- Bonifacio High Street Central

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But I have to admit, the last time I constantly had breakfast was back when I was still working in Ortigas. 

I also remember when D used to surprise me with fully loaded breakfast in the car as he drives me to work.
(Hoping for Breakfast Surprise Part IV *wink)

I just miss those times when D and I share breakfast together early in the morning.

I really want us to have breakfast dates again, but with our busy schedules, the least we could do is have brunch on Saturdays. 

After having a taste of The Cake Club's weekend brunch specials, I told D right away that we must go back, for him to try it out. 

Smoked Salmon Benedict (P345)

Of course, I just had to order this for me. Smoked salmon slices, poached eggs, Hollandaise sauce and asparagus over whole-wheat quinoa pancakes. Soooo good and hearty! :) 

Mediterranean Eggs (P355)

D got himself the Mediterranean Eggs, and he really really liked it. Scrambled eggs with tomatoes, feta cheese, basil and  three lamb sausages. Honestly, I appreciated this dish the second time around :) 

Of course, we could not miss desserts at The Cake Club, so we ordered for our all-time favorites:

Vanessa (P250) and Guia (P250)

These two beautiful ladies are our all-time favorite cakes from The Cake Club. Vanessa is a sweet and refreshing pistachio macaron cake with strawberries while Guia is a rich, creamy, and nutty cheesecake.  


  1. I'm in love with Diamond Hotel desserts. Can't wait to go back to try them all again. :)

  2. Grace MagtibayJune 11, 2015

    Diamond Hotel spoils their guests at it's finest!


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