October 15, 2012

Diamond Hotel Philippines opens The Lobby Lounge

Diamond Hotel recently opened their newest dining attraction in its exquisite and modern hotel lobby called The Lobby Lounge

The Lobby Lounge offers a cozy and inviting ambiance coupled by Diamond Hotel's delectable selection of light snacks and hearty meals as well. 

Start off your meal with a plate of Lobby Lounge's crispy Truffle Fries (P200) that is seasoned with sea salt flakes and served with your choice of ketchup or garlic mayonnaise dip. 

For a more savory treat, indulge yourself with these salty-sweet luxurious Foie Gras Macaron (P150) by Chef Nick Stoyanov. A one-of-a-kind creation and take on the famous French confection. 

For your salad and greens, everybody would agree that the Smoked Salmon Ceasar (P620) not only is pleasing to the eye but also to the palate. Generous serving of smoked salmon slices, prosciutto, soft boiled egg and Grano Padana cheese is tossed with crunchy croutons, cherry tomatoes and fresh greens in creamy Caesar dressing. 

Choose between Zucchini Cream Soup (P250) and French Onion Soup (P250) depending on your mood. I personally prefer the creamy Zucchini soup with Parmesan cheese crisp, roasted tomatoes and basil over the spiced onion soup of Emmental cheese, beef broth and croutons. 

For pasta and spicy lovers, this Fresh Tomato Pappardelle Pasta (P470) is a medley of spiced sausages, forest mushrooms, sage and goat cheese over flat and very broad fettuccine pasta. 

For a more filling meal, you can never go wrong with The Lobby Lounge's tender slices of Slow Roasted Beef Belly (P480) served with baby carrots and red rice. 

Another sure-fire bestseller is their Lamb Pot Pie (P620) which is braised lamb shank and chick peas in thin and crunchy crusted pie with a side of rocket salad, onion and tomatoes.

For an equally filling and savory selection, you could choose from a wide variety of sandwiches and burgers such as the Lamb Burger (P510), Bocadillos (P510) and Spicy Pickled Sardines (P390).

Lobby Lounge's Lamb Burger is made of Morrocan spiced lamb patty, feta, Parmesan cheese and harissa yogurt with onions, tomatoes and lettuce with a side of crispy fries. 

For a healthier option, you may like to try either the Spicy Pickled Sardines-cucumber, tomatoes, pickled red onions and lettuce or the Bocadillos- Jamon Serrano, chorizo, black pudding, Manchego cheese served in baguettes with fries. 

For dessert, choose from Diamond Hotel's selection of sweet and delicious signature cakes that will surely tickle your fancy. 

Cheesecake lovers rejoice as you choose between the classic Baked Cheesecake (P250) with soft and creamy texture or go for a more dense and rich choice of this maple-walnut flavored cheesecake called Guia (P250).

For chocolate lovers, choose between the uber chocolate-y Supermoist Chocolate Cake (P250) or the Le Royale (P250) which is Chef Pang Kok Keong's signature cake of Valrhona dark chocolate mousse, almond meringue and hazelnut crisps.

My personal favorites are these macaron-based cakes Ispahan (P280)- homage to dessert God Pierre Herme. A must-try pastry with raspberries, lychee and rose essence and Vanessa (P250)- made with pistacchio and fresh strawberries.

Mont Blanc (P250)- a pastry shop staple in Paris and Tokyo, this cake is made of fresh chesnut paste, Chantilly cream, prunes soaked in dark rum on almond tart

The Lobby Lounge also offers Diamond Hotel's delectable line of ice cream creations such as the Black Sesame, Taro-Jackfruit, Adzuki Bean, Genmaicha, Melon, and Apple Pie. They also have a few of their best-selling cakes from The Cake Club made into unique ice cream flavors like the Super Moist Chocolate Cake, Ispahan and Mont Blanc

A new addition is the Salted Caramel Ice Cream which has this sweet and creamy texture complemented with salty caramel flavor. It was like frozen leche flan in a cup. A must-try!

The Lobby Lounge Menu:

The Lobby Lounge is a perfect place for an afternoon tea or a simple meet up with friends and families.. It exudes a relaxing ambiance that is suitable for someone who wants to unwind after a long day's work. 

The Lobby Lounge
Diamond Hotel, Roxas Blvd., cor.
Dr. J. Quintos St. Manila
5283000 ext. 1121