January 10, 2014

UP Town Center Series- No Ordinary Toast at Cafe Shibuya

After our visit to Casa Verde, we decided to put Cafe Shibuya on our next hit list. Fortunately, D and I were able to check it out just before I went to our province in Quezon for Christmas. 

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Cafe Shibuya is known for their toasts. And they're not just any ordinary toast. They serve thick toast that's crunchy on the outside, but pillowy soft and chewy on the inside.

Savory Toasts

We ordered two of their best-selling savory toasts. 

Shibuya Benedict (P255)- A take on the revered brunch fare. Lavished with farmer's ham, deep-fried poached egg, shitake mushrooms and homemade Japanese mayo sauce

The classic eggs benedict served in toast. What's more interesting is that they deep fry the poached egg for added flavor and texture.  

The yolk was runny but I was wondering why it was pale yellow in color. I also found the breading a bit thick for my liking. What I love most about this dish is the combination of yolk, and creamy sauce with mushrooms flowing down the soft and stretchy toast. It was definitely one hearty meal in itself!

Tonkatsu with Mango Mayo (P235)- deep-fried breaded pork cutlets drizzled with mango mayo sauce and topped with a refreshing mango relish

This was D's order and he loved it! I couldn't agree more as the tonkatsu was very lean and meaty. He personally prefer this over the Shibuya Benedict. 

Mentaiko Pasta (P265)- The Chef's favorite pasta creation. This Japanese-Italian fusion pairs cod roe with olive oil, resulting in a uniquely tasty affair

We were contemplating on ordering this pasta and I'm just glad we did. It was a very light oil-based pasta with flavors coming from the cod roe and seaweeds. There were some bacon bits but majority of it were fats. 

I wanted to try their dessert toasts but we were too full from all the carbs we consumed. Plus, I think we had enough thick toasts for the day.

Cafe Shibuya Menu:

We'll be back for more toasts at Cafe Shibuya. And this time, we'll make sure to try their dessert toast and Ghirardelli chocolate drinks!

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Cafe Shibuya
G/F, UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave., Quezon City
Tel Num: 0947 221 3836


  1. nice place!


  2. Basing on the looks, I find the desserts more enticing =) But, maybe we'll come back and try the savory dishes next time.


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