January 17, 2014

Taiwan Trip Day 1- Fu Hang Dou Jiang, Chiang Kai Shek Memorial, Mala Hotpot, National Palace Museum, Shilin Market

♪ ♫ All our bags are packed, we're ready to go ♪ ♫
Our first international trip together- Taipei, Taiwan!

Taiwan- it's the perfect destination for us. I planned it all out. We'd go food tripping, bargain hunting, shopping, sight seeing, enjoying the trip..

Just the two of us..


My mom joined us and this photo says it all. Of course, D was just all smiles and behaved all throughout the flight.

It was a late night flight but good thing we were able to catch the last Kuo Kuang bus to Taipei Main Station (NT$125). The ticket booth was already closed when we arrived so we paid directly to the bus driver. Make sure you have an exact fare as he won't be able to give you a change. 

We then rode a cab to Ximending (NT$145) where we will be staying. 

We didn't stay in a posh hotel since we're travelling on a budget. Surprisingly, the room we got was pretty decent and clean. 

Day 1
Getting an MRT taipei pass is the most convenient and affordable way to go around the city. I highly suggest getting the 1-day pass (NT$180), 2-day pass (NT$310), 3-day pass (NT$440) or 5-day pass (NT$700) depending on the number of days you plan to stay. 

Woke up early to have a traditional Taiwanese breakfast in Hua Shan Market.
MRT: Shandao Temple Station exit 5

Fu Hang Dou Jiang is a famous breakfast place that serves soybean milk (dou jiang), flatbreads (shao bing),and deep-fried crullers (you tiao).  

It's located at the second floor but expect the lines to go all the way down to the first level.

Excited for breakfast!

Salted Soy Milk Soup (xian dou jiang)- NT$30

An interesting twist to the classic soymilk. A hot tofu curd soup with a slightly salty taste and topped with some pieces of their deep-fried crullers.

Sweet Soy Milk (tian dou jiang)- NT$20
Deep-Fried Crullers (you tiao)- NT$22

The semi-sweet soymilk soup is also served hot. We found the crullers too oily. Best eaten with the salty soymilk soup. 

Egg Pancake/Crepe (dan bing)- NT$28

Thick Flatbread (hou shao bing)- NT$28 
Thin Flatbread (bao shao bing)- NT$22

Of the two flatbreads, we prefer the thick one as it has this sweet glaze and chewier texture. 

What a great way to start the day- Carb-loading just enough for us to survive the whole morning. 

You may want to pass by Shandao Temple in front of Hua Shan Market before going to your next destination.

Nothing much to see though. It was still closed when we went there so we just took some photos outside. 

Longshan Temple
MRT: Longshan Temple Station exit 1

Bought some incense at NT$10/set and prayed. The weather in Taiwan is so unpredictable and erratic. One minute it's sunny then all of a sudden, it starts drizzling. 

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall 
MRT: Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall Station exit 5

We stayed here longer because the place was so big and we took a lot of photos too. 

After our photoshoot, we headed back to Ximending for lunch.

Mala YuanYang Hotpot (NT$499/pax)
MRT: Ximending Station

This was the best lunch we had in Taiwan. 'Nuff said!
See separate post for review: Where to eat in Taiwan: Mala YuanYang Hotpot in Ximending, Taipei

National Palace Museum
MRT Station: Shilin Station then bus to National Palace Museum


We also visited the Zhishan Garden (NT$20) Free when you purchase a ticket to the museum.

Shilin Night Market
MRT: Jiantan Station exit 1

The famous night market in Taiwan! Stuff yourselves with various Taiwanese street food like the huge chicken chops, oyster cake, Taiwan sausages, fruits etc. 

I wanted to try a lot of delicacies in Shilin but we were still full from our buffet lunch so we only tried the Hot Starr chicken chops, oyster cake, Taiwanese sausages, fruits with plum powder, and a stall called carbon barbecue. 

We also visited the underground Shilin market which is cleaner and has more tables for customers. Famous here are the teppanyaki stalls wherein they will cook your food right in front of you.

And that concludes our Day 1 in Taiwan. It was very tiring especially since we woke up early then went home late, but the experience was so worth it. The highlight of our day was definitely our lunch in Mala Hotpot and dinner at Shilin Night Market.

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  2. Taipei sights especially the historical ones has similarities to Beijing. 'Hope you visit Taipei 101 too.

  3. Rhea Liza Lirios MunozMarch 30, 2014

    wow!!! I love to experience this also.. The foods looks yummy and great...

  4. Thank you for this post. we are planning to go to taiwan and this helped

  5. Michael Vincent baldonadoApril 11, 2014

    I love Foods......I want to experience Shilin Night Market too.. Taiwan Adventure :)

  6. sherry ann gole cruzApril 13, 2014

    wow,wish i could try all the foods and i want to travel too to taiwan!

  7. jessamer abingMay 16, 2014

    OMG! I love night markets! The food looks delicious! wanna try someday!

  8. What's the last night time bus trip to taipei?

  9. yvonnembertoldo .March 10, 2015

    Everything you posted looks so delicious. ^^ How much budget should you have prior to a vacation in Taiwan? Thanks :)

  10. @yvonnembertoldo . I think I spent around 10k-15k.. all in na with promo fare, accommodation, transpo, meals, snacks, tickets to attractions, souvenirs etc.. If you're on a budget, 10k should be enough.. :)

  11. I love going to street food. the diversity of food that refelcts the culture and the taste is just amazing.


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