January 19, 2016

Maillard (my-yar) Specialty Coffee- Third Wave Coffee in Corinthian Gardens

I got my first taste of Maillard Specialty Coffee during the Yuletide Yummies Bazaar in Rockwell back in December 2014. That time, Maillard was just a small booth banking on its premium coffee beans, advanced coffee equipment and barista skills. It was no surprise that in just a span of 1 year, Maillard Coffee finally set up their first cafe in Corinthian Gardens Sports Complex

Strategically located beside the clubhouse's badminton court, Maillard has since become the go-to place of most people after an exhausting game of sport. It has also been a hang-out favorite of some homeowners living in the subdivision. 

To support our good friend Franz Chuongco, owner of Maillard Specialty Coffee, D and I went with our favorite couple (Sumi and J), to his humble cafe for a light dinner. (Just realized we were also with them when we first tried Maillard's booth in Rockwell).

Latte (P130)

Cappuccino (P130)

Each order of espresso beverage comes with a Lotus Biscoff cookie. They are still in the process of training their baristas in latte art, so expect simpler latte art designs for now. 

Chicken Barbecue (P200)

Aside from their specialty coffee, Maillard also serves all-day breakfast meals. A house favorite is their home-style Chicken Barbecue served with java rice. A must-try! 

Pesto (P150)

Serving size for their pesto was generous, but the pasta was a bit overcooked that it lost its firm bite. 

Chicken and Cranberry Sandwich (P140) 

Since I was not in the mood for rice or pasta, I got myself this grilled sandwich served with crispy and toasted fries. The sandwich was good but I expected more cranberries in it. Nevertheless, it was a pretty satisfying choice for a light meal. 

Squid Ink Pizza (P200) 

New on the menu was this squid ink pizza that got us intrigued. It was basically thin crust pizza made with squid ink, topped with tomato sauce, cheese and basil. 

Carrot Cake (P120)

Since there was no display chiller for cakes near the counter, we didn't expect our order of carrot cake to be served in loaves. But I enjoyed it just the same as the cake was very moist and tasty with sweet pineapple chunks and raisins. It came with a chocolate syrup on the side which we found unnecessary. Or maybe we just prefer cream cheese frosting for our carrot cake. 

Thank you Franz for these delectable cookies from Bellefleur by Beatrix.

We asked our server to heat up the cookies and they came out soft, moist and chewy! The Oatmeal Raisin Cookie (P50) was my personal favorite, while the others liked the Reverse Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookie best. They also have the classic Chocolate Chip Cookie (P45) for those who want it simple and sweet.

Maillard Specialty Coffee Menu:

Maillard Specialty Coffee 
Don Vicente Madrigal St. Don Vicente Rufino Ave. Corinthian Gardens Subdivision, Quezon City
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/maillardcoffeeph

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