August 5, 2016

Karabella- All Local, All Natural Carabao Milk and Ice Cream of GK Enchanted Farm

Karabella, from the term "Caraballa" (female carabao), is a social enterprise in partnership with the GK Enchanted Farm, that lives to offer fresh, healthy, nutritious and exciting dairy products.

Karabella's main products are milk and ice cream made with 100% fresh carabao milk sourced from social entrepreneurs and local farmers.

Karabella recently held an ice cream making workshop at Cafe Laya to show how they make their ice cream from scratch. The workshop was hosted by Adrianne Tan, the chef responsible for whipping up Karabella's healthy and delicious ice cream flavors.

Erika Ng Wong, the social entrepreneur behind Karabella, briefly talked about Gawad Kalinga, and the enterprise's mission and advocacy. She also introduced two of GK's experimental school graduates, who received a full four-year scholarship in business management from top French business school, Essec Business School.

The event also launched Karabella's Ice Cream Carts perfect for parties and special occasions.

All workshop attendees got to try Karabella's peanut butter and chocolate ice cream, which were equally creamy and delicious. 

All flavors are inspired by local ingredients like Pastillas, Leche Flan, Tablea Chocolate and Turon

For ice cream cart bookings, each cup of Karabella ice cream is topped with a carabao horn cookie.  

Thank you Karabella for having us! 

For more information about Karabella, visit their facebook page

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