August 2, 2016

The Dessert Kitchen 甜品工房 Hits the Sweet Spot in Powerplant Mall, Rockwell

After our Ooma-licious dinner, we went to The Dessert Kitchen in Powerplant Mall for dessert. Their menu was quite extensive, and each dessert category seemed to have something I fancy. It was so hard to resist their bestsellers, and since we don’t frequent Rockwell that much, I decided to go all in despite being too full from everything we had at Ooma

First on the list was The Dessert Kitchen’s top bestseller- The Purple In Love (P258).

D have tasted this before and didn’t like it. Since I badly wanted to try, I still got one, even if it meant having to finish the order all by myself.  

He kept insisting that it tasted like cough syrup that’s why he didn’t like it before. But when I tried a spoonful, I told him it actually tasted like my favorite grape juice. He tried it again, and this time, he agreed.  Suddenly, he’s all ok with the taste.

I liked the tapioca-like seaweed balls on top which had this firm and crunchy bite. I just wish the ice was shaved to finer texture. One serving could be shared by 2-3 people. I found it too sweet after a few spoonful, but I still managed to finish the whole order.  

While I am an adventurer for desserts, D prefers his desserts simple. Give him anything chocolate and he’ll be a happy camper. Give him a vanilla sundae cone and he’ll be the happiest kid. Good thing the Cocoa Kiss (P168) has the two things that make him happy. It is chocolate and vanilla ice cream with coffee jelly, cocoa crisp, banana and chocolate pearls. 

One thing I was really looking forward to trying at The Dessert Kitchen was the Warabi or "Raindrop Cake". We ordered for the Sakura Warabi (P168) which has a more fragrant and sweeter taste than the Nippon Warabi. It’s the lightest and fat-free dessert you can think of, as it is basically just jello served with brown sugar paste, red bean, and sakura rice balls. It was also supposed to come with soy bean powder but sadly, they don’t have it. They gave extra servings of red bean instead. 

Another dessert that caught my attention was the Serradura. It is available in different flavors like mango, strawberry, durian and durian-banana, but we opted for the Green Tea Serraadura (P198).

Serradura is an original dessert of Macau which combines whipped cream and tea biscuits to make a pudding. This serradura has a strong green tea flavor with a dense and crumbly texture. The fresh fruits gave a nice sweet balance to the bold and bitter taste of green tea. 

Aside from sweet desserts, The Dessert Kitchen has two savory items on the menu for those who don’t fancy sweets. They have the Bacon Dracula (P258) and  Japadog (P258) Eggettes. 

We ordered the Japadog to go which is garlic eggette, hotdog, caramelized onions, seaweed, teriyaki mayo and honey mustard. It was ok, but I guess sweets are the heroes at The Dessert Kitchen. I think I'll go for the sweet and fruity eggettes next time.

The Dessert Kitchen is the ultimate dessert destination in Rockwell. It's so nice to have a one-stop-shop of your favorite desserts all in one place. You can enjoy a classic sundae or parfait of ice cream, a fruity and delightful cake, a sweet bowl of shaved ice, or a unique dessert of warabi. Now, you know where to go for dessert after your sumptuous meals in Rockwell.

The Dessert Kitchen
3/F Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Makati
Tel Num: 0995 448 8233

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