September 1, 2016

9 Huawei P9 Food Shots That Make You Want To Travel and Try Different Cuisines

I’ve been team IOS ever since I had my first smartphone, due to its simple and user friendly interface. But, I must admit, I do get jealous when my friends take out their android phones, with design and interface customized to their personality and style. Plus, they get more access to free mobile applications. My mobile phone is basically for personal messaging, calls, group chats and social media postings, but photos and videos eat a huge chunk of my storage capacity.

Being a food blogger, my album is generally filled with food shots of our daily food trips and adventures. I have always wanted to get another mobile phone for social media postings since my current mobile phone is already low in storage. But I want to make sure that my new phone will have a really nice camera that can take beautiful and high quality food shots.

Fortunately, I got my hands on the new Huawei P9 Smartphone equipped with Leica dual-lens camera. This is every food blogger’s dream- to have a camera that can capture food photos, minus the bulkiness of SLRs and digital cameras. 

I took my new Huawei P9 to the test and used it to take food shots of our daily food adventures last week.

Here, I’ll be sharing 9 Huawei P9 food shots that will make you want to travel and explore different cuisines from around the world. 


Nothing could get more American than having the famous duo burger and wings. The combo is perfect for us since D loves burgers, and I am a big fan of chicken wings. Of course, a side of crispy fries always complement the two western snacks. 


A staple in our family, be it meals at home or in restaurants is Chinese food. My family can eat Chinese food every day and don’t get tired of it. D and I personally enjoy dimsum, but we also enjoy Cantonese fares like this sweet and savory roasted charsiu pork once in a while. 


Who doesn’t love Japanese cuisine? A must order whenever we visit Japanese restaurants is sushi! Food presentation may look so simple, but that is what Japanese cuisine is all about- simple food with fresh and quality ingredients. Simplicity at its best!


Our favorite Singaporean dish aside from Hainanese chicken is Laksa. Good thing there is an affordable Singaporean restaurant known for their delicious laksa near the office. We just drop by the place whenever we crave for some hot bowl of laksa. It’s the best comfort food especially during rainy season.


Whenever we want something light for dinner, we always end up going Vietnamese. A bowl of pho and a side of fresh spring rolls can already fill us up without the guilt. 


I would always say that Thai is my favorite cuisine. Their food are so flavorful, that you can’t help appreciate the ingredients and techniques used in cooking their dishes. I love Pad Thai so much, that D even came up with his own recipe.


There are days when we just crave for something packed with bold flavors and spices. Whenever that happens, we always end up having a warm and tasty beef shawarma drizzled with garlic and hot sauce. You can basically find a shawarma stand in every mall, train station, and school campus. It is an affordable snack that doesn’t fall short of taste and flavor. 


A cuisine I’ve always loved since I was a child is Italian, specifically pizza and pasta. While I am more of a cream-based pasta lover, I still enjoy simple tomato-based pasta with just basil and cheese. It’s a healthier alterative especially if you just want a light yet filling meal. 


Saving the best for last is a feature on an exotic delicacy from our country- Balut. Some may not be a huge fan, but most people I know likes it very much. Even tourists from around the world try this local street food whenever they visit the Philippines. 

These are basically some of my favorite international dishes that make me want to travel and experience the real thing. But while I’m not going abroad any time soon, I’ll just content myself in trying local restaurants offering these dishes, and looking back at these beautiful food shots I captured using my new Huawei P9 smartphone.  

Huawei P9 is the perfect companion to all your travel and food adventures. It reinvents smartphone photography with its groundbreaking Leica Dual-Lens that enables you to capture more light with its two sensors. You can now shoot in low light setting and achieve professional quality photos with Huawei P9’s ImageSmart 5.0 Technology and Professional Camera Effects. I love how I was able to edit my photos easily and play around its settings like a professional camera. Not only can your Huawei P9 take beautiful photos of food with its 12 megapixel camera, it can take flawless selfies with its 8 megapixel front camera as well. Never miss a moment and get your own Huawei P9 Smartphone now! 

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