September 12, 2016

Accenture Kicks Off Languages Talent Community in Fusion Night- Hole In The Wall

你好! Bonjour! Ola! Ciao! Kon'nichiwa! Annyeonghaseyo! These are just some ways to say Hello in different languages. Have you ever had that thought of learning a new language especially when traveling in different countries? Did you ever wished you can talk to a local and be able to understand or communicate to him/her without using sign languages? I bet we all did at one point, to communicate easier with foreigners and express clearly what we wanted to say.

While I consider myself a multilingual ( being able to speak English, Chinese and Filipino), I still want to learn a new language for extra knowledge and skill such as Spanish, Korean, French or Japanese. Good thing Accenture recently kicked off their Languages Talent Community through Fusion Night- a gathering of multilingual professionals who want to either learn a new language, or share their skills and talents to like-minded individuals.

Fusion Night was held at Hole in the Wall, Century City Mall last August 27, 2016. It was a fun-filled night wherein attendees got to participate in games and learn more about Accenture's Polygot Nation. Everyone was entertained by Silly People Improv Theater (SPIT) while enjoying a wide selection of international dishes from Hole in the Wall concessionaires.

The event started with some mini games and activities to break the ice. The first set was an activity of crossword puzzles and question and answers to initiate interaction among participants from each table. The next icebreaker allowed people to go around and interact with everyone. It was a very effective game to encourage everyone to break barriers and bridge the gap among other nationalities.

Opening remarks was addressed by Accenture's Talent Acquisition Director, Ms. Emerald Grace Chua. She briefly introduced what the event was all about and their future plans for the Languages Talent Community. The event was basically about building a community of polygot or multilingual individuals who can share their talents to other people. This is perfect for those who are passionate about learning new languages, and at the same time make new friends from different walks of life, and in different parts of the world. The program is not just about learning a new language, but also building a global connection and learning about the culture and history of a country.

Good thing about this initiative is that joining and being a member is absolutely free! Accenture will be providing pocket sessions every Saturday or weekdays at their main office in Pioneer. Plus, you can also join field trips and other interesting activities once in a while.

Everyone was entertained by SPIT Manila's improvised comedy performance. It was a unique way to showcase each performer's wit and talent, while generating participation from the audience.

After their performance, it was time to enjoy Hole in the Wall's must-try dishes. A crowd favorite was The Beef's Cheeseburger with Fries (P395) and Garde Manger's refreshing beverages. Everyone enjoyed their dinner and took this opportunity to mingle with other attendees before the night comes to an end.

Accenture's Fusion Night was basically a night of fun and laughter.

If you are someone who enjoys learning new things and meeting new friends, then I recommend you to join and be part of Accenture's Languages Talent Community. This is a great outlet to showcase your skills, or share your knowledge to other people. For more information, visit Accenture in the Philippines facebook page and website.

Email for inquiries on how to join Accenture's Languages Talent Community.

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