November 9, 2016

Celebrate Life With May Sparkling Red Grape Juice from Belgium

Who says that celebration takes a lot of work? Not with May Sparkling Juice, a non-alcoholic drink made from selected grapes, that you can always pop open to toast to life’s daily success.

May Sparkling Grape Juice is a high-quality product of Belgium made of freshly pressed grapes. This bubbly treat is low in calories (80 calories per serving), and provides the fun fizz that instantly boosts any celebration. 

And because it's non-alcoholic, it can be enjoyed by everyone in the family regardless of age and dietary restrictions. May Sparkling Grape Juice is available in Red and White Grape variants.

Aside from drinking May as it is, you can also come up with your own cocktails and mocktails by adding a variety of delicious blends with May Sparkling Juice. This will definitely be a fun and unique way of surprising your guests and showing off your beverage mixing skills. 

One of the secrets of individuals who are always in a good mood is that they know how to appreciate life and they’re always grateful. You do not need to have a big event to celebrate, as each day can be a party. And since a celebration isn’t really a party without a good drink in hand, why not make everyday a party with Non-Alcoholic May Sparkling Juice that is filled with lighthearted cheer? The perfect celebration centerpiece in the spirit of happiness and thanksgiving; don’t miss to say “Yes to May!” as your perfect starting point to signify a party that everyone can truly enjoy!

Say yes to May and celebrate life with a sparkling bottle of Cheer! 

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