March 22, 2017

Boulangerie22 Pokémon Cakes and Macarons- Gotta Eat 'em All!

Still hooked with the addicting Pokémon Go craze? Good news to all Pokemon fans! You don't have to walk, run, or drive far enough to catch the sweetest Pokemon creatures around. 

Boulangerie 22, a bakery and dessert cafe serving specialty cakes and pastries, recently launched their Pokémon Cakes and Pokémon Macarons, to add to its growing selection of delectable and fun character-themed cakes and macarons.

For my birthday, I got myself the Jigglypuff Strawberry Cake (P699) which is a vanilla chiffon cake layered with strawberry buttercream of real fresh strawberries.

The cake came in this pretty pink shade of white chocolate coating, covering a soft and fluffy dome-shaped chiffon with strawberry buttercream filling. It was not too sweet, but you can taste the natural tartness and sweetness of fresh strawberries.

Other Pokemon character cakes available are:
Pikachu Chocolate Cake (P699) and Snorlax Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake (P799).

For macarons, six flavors of Pokémon Macarons are up for grabs- Cherry: Jigglypuff, Slowpoke & Clefairy; Chocolate: Diglet, Riachu & Evee; Grape: Dratini, Poliwag & Vaporean; Green Apple: Balbasaur & Squirtle; Maple: Charmander & Jolteon; and Vanilla: Pikachu & Snorlax.

I got a box of 5 Pokemon macarons for just P195

Too bad I wasn't able to catch a grape and maple-flavored macaron in my box. Gotta catch 'em all soon!

Pokemon-themed cakes will be available starting February 22, 2017 in all Boulangerie22 stores nationwide. 

For more information, visit us at or call at 836-1869/ 822-7116.

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