March 9, 2017

Chibo Okonomiyaki- Osaka's Okonomiyaki and Teppanyaki in S Maison, Conrad Manila

Ever since Conrad Manila opened, we've been eyeing to try some of the new restaurants located in S Maison. However, all our attempts have been in vain as most establishments were always fully booked during weekends. 

Few months after, we finally had a chance to dine at Chibo Okonomiyaki one Saturday afternoon with our favorite double-date buddies, Sumi and J. 

We started off with a couple of appetizers before the main event. 

Gyoza Teppan (P150)

Chibo Okonomiyaki serves their gyoza teppan-style. Instead of the usual steamed dumplings, these are pan-fried flat until edges are thin and crisp. While I still like my gyoza steamed, I appreciate the nice crunch and texture on this version.

Cheese Asparagus and Spinach Teppan (P120)

As they say, everything tastes better with cheese. The teppan-fried asparagus and spinach were smothered in a thick and chunky tomato sauce and finished off with melted cheese. What's not to like?

Spicy Konnyaku Steak Teppan (P120)

These small slices of grilled Japanese yam cake, albeit the size, were very interesting. The jelly-like yam were chewy and fun to eat, though we wished serving size was a lot bigger.

Osaka Ika Yaki (P150)

A folded crepe made with grilled squid and egg, it is not quite an okonomiyaki, but it is a nice teaser and transition for the next coming dishes.

Butatama Okonomiyaki (P190)

Osaka's classic okonomiyaki with pork is your best bet for your first okonomiyaki experience. The simplicity of ingredients on this dish is the perfect introduction to the all-time favorite Japanese pancake. While I was looking forward to cooking our own okonomiyaki, the table-top metal griddles are just there to keep your orders warm. On the bright side, you can just immediately eat and enjoy your okonomiyaki as soon as it is served.

Shirayukihime (P430)

But if it's not simplicity you're after, then this extra soft textured okonomiyaki with premium ingredients is worth the splurge. A thick and fluffy pancake filled with prawn, bacon, pork, tomato, avocado, and cheese, is topped with scoops of light and airy meringue, and dusted off with some cheese and aonori. Of course, every beauty deserves a crowning glory of prawn head. Not to mention, the okonomiyaki sauce, mayo, aomori, and bonito flakes are served on every table, in case you can't get enough of them.

Shio Dare Soba (P280)

There's also some yakisoba selections to fill you up aside from okonomiyaki, just like this stir-fried noodles of pork, squid, dried shrimp, and garlic chives.

Omusoba (P230)

This yakisoba was a simple noodle dish encased in an omelette. There weren't too many ingredients unlike the previous one we had, but this one was  more savory in taste despite being plain. Perhaps I enjoyed adding more sauces on my plate.

Chibo Okonomiyaki is a great place to have your okonomiyaki fix. Being someone who enjoys an interactive dining experience, I'd like it better if I get to cook my own dish just like in Dohtonbori. Then again, there are also perks of having the dishes cooked in the kitchen. Aside from saving time and effort, you'll also save yourself from disaster should you overcook your dish. Perhaps the restaurant also wants to maintain the consistency and quality of their okonomiyaki dishes. Whatever the reason, Chibo Okonomiyaki is definitely one of the must-try restaurants at S Maison.

Chibo Okonomiyaki
2F, S Maison, Conrad Manila, Seaside Blvd. Coral Way, Pasay
Tel Num: 898-3333
Facebook Page:

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