March 17, 2017

SM By The Bay: The 8th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition- Germany

The Philippine International Pyromusical Competition is now on its 8th year of illuminating the city's night sky with a spectacular fireworks display, coupled with a magnificent play of thrilling sounds and vivid colors. 

The annual extravaganza gathers some of the best fireworks manufacturers around the world, with two participants showcasing their pyrotechnic artistry and craft every Saturday night at the SM By The Bay in SM Mall of Asia.

This year's competition, is joined by France, Germany, China, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia, with an opening and closing exhibition by the Philippines as host country. 

I haven't witnessed a single pyromusical competition during the last seven years, but finally, I experienced the outstanding performances of Germany's Steffes-Olig Feuerwerke, and Nico Events last February 18.

Instead of going out to a fancy dinner, we spent our Valentine weekend at SM By The Bay to witness this grand and majestic spectacle.

Doors open at 4pm, and first firing starts at 8pm. Since we arrived early for the event, we decided to check out the Love Locks by the bay near the patron area.

There were also some carnival-inspired game booths to enjoy while passing the time until the show starts.

Here are the ticket prices for the event:
Patron with dinner- Php 1500
VIP- Php 600
Gold- Php 300
Silver- Php 100

While I used to think that it is better to watch the fireworks display at a far distance, getting front row seats got some perks as well. One, the patron and vip area are much less crowded than the gold and silver section. Secondly, watching the whole exhibition at a very close distance was most certainly a sight to behold. It was like the whole display was within arm's reach as lights illuminate the sky with a bright spectrum of colors.

The first presenter from team Germany was Nico Events.

After the first show, an intermission performance by Kitchie Nadal entertained the guests.

The second presenter was Steffes-Olig Feuerwerke of Germany.

While both German competitors put up a magnificent show, I personally liked Steffes-Olig Feuerwerke better. They literally lit up the sky and filled the night with colors and music. It was such an overwhelming spectacle, and I couldn't think of a better way to have spent the Valentine weekend than watching the 8th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition in SM Mall of Asia.

You can still catch the last exihibition on:
March 18- Australia & Philippines (Closing Show)

Get your tickets now!!

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