May 6, 2013

Miner's Castle, Miner's Falls and Pictured Rocks Cruise- Munising, Upper Peninsula of Michigan

A trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan brought us to the beautiful Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Truly a breathtaking scenery.. never seen anything like it before..

The famous Miner's Castle that lost one of its turrets back in 2006. 

Follow the trail and appreciate the beauty of nature along the way..

After 1km of walking, we arrived at the Miner's Falls. Now another kilometer to go back..

One attraction highlight in Michigan's Upper Peninsula is the Pictured Rocks Boat Tour ($35).  

Chapel Rock and Spray Falls
An example of a tree defying nature. The tree stands above a rock with its roots connected to the other side. 

Color Cave

Grand Island East Channel Lighthouse and Rainbow Cave 

Indian Head and Grand Portal
A rock formation of a native American and the arch that has gone several transformations due to natural changes and weathering. 

Can you count how many ships are there?

Lover's Leap
Caution: Do. Not. Jump. Ironic how it is called such when the base level is just a few feet deep.

A tombstone-shaped rock and more trees growing on rocks. 

Such a beautiful and breathtaking view of the Pictured Rocks.. Wish I could go back :) 

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