May 20, 2013

Quench Your Thirst with True Blends Tea + Coffee at The Strip- Pasig

Last month, we were invited by fellow foodie and TFC member Stacy to their business venture True Blends located at The Strip Commercial Complex in Pasig. It was a hot and lazy day but it was just the perfect place to be. 

I love trying out milk tea places but most of the time, I order fruity drinks rather than milk teas. I am just into fruity and refreshing beverages which are light and thirst quenching. 

True Blends' Lychee Nata Green Tea (P55-Grande, P65-Venti) was definitely my cup of tea. It was icy cold and refreshing indeed! No need to pay for additional sinker since it comes with free nata crystals already. 

What's great about True Blends is that their cups are not sealed and use covers instead. This way, they could adjust the sweetness level of the drinks to the customers' preference even after getting their orders. 

Although I am a big fan of plain and simple fruit teas, their Peach-Mango Yakult w/ QQ (P85-Grande, P95-Venti) won me over. It was also sweet and refreshing but I just love the tangy hint of yakult in the mix. Plus, the colorful QQ jelly added a nice sweet bite to every sip. 

Oreo Dark Chocolate Cheese Cloud (P100-Grande, P110-Venti)

D loves Oreo and Chocolate and good thing True Blends has both in a drink with their Cheese Cloud Series. The cheese on top was thick, smooth and creamy with just the right blend of cheese. It was a perfect twist to his favorite chocolate drink. 

True Blends also serves sausages and sandwiches that could fill your tummy and go along with your coffee or tea.

Hazelnut Banana (P55) - One can never go wrong with the classic toast with hazelnut spread with banana slices

Hazelnut spread and fresh banana slices sandwiched between toasted wheat bread- I could eat this everyday for breakfast! 

Schublig Sausage (P120)

For heavy eaters, try True Blends' Schublig Sausage Sandwich which is big, tender and juicy that will surely fill up one's appetite. Best eaten with catsup, mayo and mustard dressing but one could request their preferred sauces too. 

Garlic Stuffed Bread (Cheese/Ham- P25)

If you just want something light to munch on, then their Garlic Stuffed bread is for you. You may choose between ham or cheese filling but I think both are equally great and the bread is already good on its own. 

True Blends currently has a loyalty card promo wherein you collect stamps for every purchase of a Venti drink and when you reach the 10th cup, you get 1 Venti Drink for FREE! Promo runs until June 22, 2013 so start collecting those stamps now!

They offer FREE WIFI and FREE DELIVERY within the area of Meralco Ave and Medical City. 

True Blends Menu:

Other Milk Tea Places in the Metro:

True Blends The Strip
The Strip Commercial Complex, Ortigas Ave. Pasig
Tel Num: 697-7977


  1. Marlon FrancoMay 20, 2013

    Hope they offer delicious cupcakes soon

  2. christian edward paul deeMay 21, 2013

    i love this place! this is where I met the great foodies!

  3. Thanks Christian! It was nice to meet you here as well :) sa uulitin!

  4. Helen gatbontonMarch 16, 2015

    wow ang sarap naman nyan especially ung Cheese Cloud Series. refreshing and nutritious

  5. sherry ann gole cruzMay 30, 2015

    im gonna love this tea,healthy and refreshing drink!


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