May 6, 2013

Yabu House of Katsu: Join the Katsu Craze and win an iPhone 5!

Hey guys!! Want to win an iPhone 5?

Yabu, our favorite katsu house is giving away the much coveted iPhone 5 to one worthy fan.

How to join? Simple.


1)Download the Katsu Craze app from the App Store. (Don't worry non-Apple users, you are free to borrow the iPads in Yabu branches to create your entry. )

2)Take a photo of your katsu or a photo of you and your friends/family with your favorite katsu.

3)Add a cool filter. (YES, we have filters!!!)

4)Add a creative caption in the thought balloon. Crazy thoughts are welcome.

5)Save to Device and click on SHARE ON Encode email address and caption.

6)Share on your Instagram or Twitter with the caption " it`s the #katsucraze @yabuph! I want a #yabuiPhone5".

Also, the top 10 most creative entries will each receive Yabu gift packs and P2,000 gift certificates. The grand prize winner will be announced on May 31, 2013 at  

So wear your thinking caps and squeeze out those creative juices. Question is, how far would you go for Yabu? Join now!!! :) 

My entry was chosen as the Katsu Craze winner of the week :) Yey! Thank you so much Yabu!! :)

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