May 7, 2013

Slappy Cakes- All Day Breakfast, All Day Fun! The Do It Yourself Pancakes in Eastwood

The all-day-breakfast craze is here! After IHOP's successful opening in the Philippines, the most popular breakfast spot in Portland in now in Manila!! Slappy Cakes has been featured on different shows like The Cooking Channel and Rachel Ray and was awarded as one of America's top ten destinations by the Food Network with the title "America's Best".

Their first branch is located in Eastwood and they will also be having a second one in SM North Edsa soon. 

So what makes Slappy Cakes unique? It's their do-it-yourself pancakes that give diners a whole new level of fun and interactive dining experience. 

Here at Slappy Cakes, you do all the cooking of your pancakes. In front of you is a big non-stick  pancake griddle that will unleash the cooking skills of everyone. I'm pretty sure D would love to try this  and update his "3 things I can cook" to "4 things I can cook".

What time is it? It's Slappy Time!!!

The first step is to Choose Your Batter.

Choices are: Classic Buttermilk (P225), Whole Grain (P225), Peanut Butter (P260), Vegan (P260) and Chocolate (P260)

Prices are per bottle which could make around 6 regular sized pancakes good for 2-3 persons. 

My personal favorites are peanut butter and whole grain. You may go for the classic buttermilk if you want something plain and simple. The vegan batter was slightly watery in consistency while the chocolate was rich and bittersweet. I suggest that you don't toast the batter so much 'cause it tends to taste bitter when overcooked, especially the chocolate. 

Next, Pick Some Fixins

And Add Some Toppings 

Slappy Cakes has a lot of toppings and fixins that you could choose from like sweet sauces and syrups, fresh fruit toppings and savory add ons. 

Their menu also has a list of popular combinations which first timers could try out. 

Explore fruity combinations like the Blueberries and Lemon Curd that is like a match made in heaven. 

You may also go for healthy and savory choices like this Assorted Mushroom in Whole Grain batter.

Or better yet, try a combination of sweet and savory with their Bacon and Maple Syrup pancake. 

The fun part here is that you may just create small pancakes and try which combination actually works for you. After that, you could just create another one.. and another one and another one.. 

Or you could make it two layers..

and even three with different pancake flavors..

I think it is now obvious what my favorite combination is..  Blueberries and Lemon Curd! I just love the sweet-tangy and refreshing combo. 

Aside from pancakes, they also serve Slappy Plate and Entrees perfect for those who don't want to cook and just want to eat. 

I suggest getting the Country Fried Bacon (P230) which is bacon dipped in batter and fried with caramel sauce. The batter was quite thick but it was sweet and crunchy good!

They also serve classic Filipino breakfast called Slappy Happy-Noy served with 2 eggs, garlic rice and mango salsa.  

Their Tocino Tociyes (P250) is certainly a must try! We were able to taste the tocino in skewers with potato and it was really good. I so love the tender and juicy tocino glazed in a sweet and caramelized sauce.  

Here at Slappy Cakes, it is never too early or too late for cocktails with their Specialty Drinks

But for me, I prefer their Zero Proof drinks bursting with flavor but without the alcohol. 

Slappy Cakes Menu: 

What's great about Slappy Cakes is that you are free to do anything you want with your pancakes. I love that I can create mini ones to make sure that everything is still warm even up to the last bite. There's nothing really exceptional about their pancakes but the whole experience is truly one-of-a-kind and will surely be enjoyed by the kids and the kids at heart. I only wish that they could at least have free maple syrup for customers given the prices of their toppings and add ons :) 

Play around with shapes like circles and hearts, or letters to spell your name out. Be creative with doodles and drawings to express yourself and mostly importantly, just have fun! 

Slappy Cakes- Unleash the Kid in You! 

Slappy Cakes
Ground Floor Eastwood Mall, Quezon City
Contact Number: 371-1116


  1. Definitely a fun meal to remember for us! =) I'm sure D and you will have a fun date there too.

  2. Really had fun playing with our pancakes! :D I'm also planning to visit, but I'm waiting for the SM North branch to open para mas malapit.. haha XD

  3. I would like to try this as it gives people a chance to be creative with their pancakes.

  4. Not a huge fan of pancakes, but this looks like a fun restaurant to try. The prices aren't bad either!! I hope their North Edsa branch opens soon!


  5. JonDiestaMay 07, 2013

    Mouth-watering and colorful desserts yum yum yum. Great photos!

  6. Can't wait for the SM North Branch to open. Those Zero Proof drinks look very tempting!

  7. Rain De OcampoMay 07, 2013

    DIY pancakes :) but I like my pancakes plain with maple syrup only .... will check this out when I'm in the area.

  8. charmtanMay 08, 2013

    wow, you got to try out all variants? I'd like to come by with a group so I can try everything as well! looks great :)

  9. we will surely have fun! :) looking forward to our next visit na :)

  10. had fun too Sumi! Eastwood branch is more accessible for us kasi but i think its worth checking out the place naman when they open at SM North :)

  11. agree,,it's their unique selling point tlga :)

  12. not a pancake person too but trust me the experience was really enjoyable :)

  13. yes best to go in groups :) Was able to try all batter choices but wasn't able to try all toppings and fixins. But will definitely be back for the blueberries and lemon curd :)

  14. I love this!! Something worth making "dayo" in Eastwood (I'm from the South ;)). Thanks for the reco!

  15. Samantha Justine ZamoraMay 08, 2013

    wow, this is a great marketing idea! I hope they start one like this in Baguio. :P

  16. I wanna try this with my baby siblings! :)

  17. Rochkirstin SantosMay 10, 2013

    Whaha from DIY burgers and salad, we now have DIY pancakes. Cool idea!

  18. Jonathan DiestaMay 10, 2013

    Ideal sweet breakfast

  19. Super yummylicious. I'm craving now...hmmmm...salivating. Their pancakes are different, a must try cake.

  20. yummy! just perfect for summer- thanks for sharing

  21. DIY pancake?! Omg, this post made me really hungry! Will visit Slappy Cakes soon! =D

  22. nice, it seems really fun. i am just about to try slappy cakes. yay! this is great.

  23. Helen gatbontonMarch 20, 2015

    wow mukhang masarap lalao na ung syrup


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