April 14, 2016

KPub BBQ Meat All You Can- Bibimbap Lunch Set Promo for as low as P299!

KPub BBQ, a Korean meat-all-you-can concept restaurant, is known for their unlimited Korean meat experience where customers can enjoy a wide variety of premium meats and signature Korean dishes. It is one of the go-to places for people craving for Korean bbq and at the same time want to experience K-pop music and entertainment while dining.

This summer, K-Pub presents their tasty Korean promotion- their Bibimbap Lunch Set (available from Monday to Friday) for an amazing promotional price of P299 only!

This is a great deal for those who don’t want to indulge so much on the buffet, yet want to enjoy KPub’s signature dishes without the hefty price tag.

We were invited to try the Bibimbap Lunch Set last week featuring one signature dish and a free bowl of their classic bibimbap. Each set also comes with side dishes and soup.

You can't go wrong with an order of So Bulgogi (P299)- tender marinated beef slices in sweet soy garlic.

For those who don't fancy beef, they can try the spinoff of the classic bulgogi Dak Bulgogi (P299) which uses tender chicken slices instead of beef slices. 

Jeyouk Bokkum/ Spicy Pork (P299)

This dish came out as a surprise. We initially didn't want to order the pork variant, but it was served to us anyway. It was surprisingly good and turned out to be my personal favorite among all dishes. It was not too spicy, and instead had this sweet and savory taste.

For those who want a hearty and healthier dish option, the Sundubu Jjigae (P299) or spicy soft tofu stew with seafood is a comforting dish to choose. Just like the other dishes, serving size is big enough to be shared by two people.

For an additional premium of P50, guests can enjoy KPub's Godunguh Gui/ Fried Korean Mackarel (P349).

I would say that K-Pub's Bibimbap Lunch Sets are quite a steal for the price. For as low as P299, you can enjoy a good for sharing ala carte dish, plus a free classic bibimbap and complimentary soup and appetizers. An order of Dolsot Bibimbap alone would already cost P375, and you get this for free with any order from the lunch sets priced at P299-P349!

We also tried K-Pub's meat-all-you-can and enjoyed some of their bestselling barbecue meat and dishes.

Here are the available meat-all-you-can option:
Eat & Run P499+ - 1 hour unlimited offer
Eat & Run Level Up P699+ - 1 hour unlimited offer + seafood selections
No Limits P899+ - no time limit
To The Max P999+ - 2 hours unlimited offer + premium seafood selections

The meat-all-you-can promo starts with a selection of K-Pub's side dishes and appetizers. Whatever option you choose, guests are served with unlimited refills of banchans, steamed egg, kimchi pajeon, soup, house salad, fried rice and lettuce. 

Here are some of the meats we tried: Samgyupsal/Pork Belly, Marinated LA Galbi/ Beef Short Ribs, Salmon Belly, Korean Style Bacon, and Chadolbaki/ Beef Sukiyaki. My personal favorites are the Beef Sukiyaki, LA Galbi and Salmon Belly.

The timer for the beat the clock options starts when the meat is grilled on the table, so customers can still enjoy the unlimited side dishes leisurely before they start grilling.

The meal ends with a shooter of Sikhye- a traditional Korean dessert made of sweet rice punch.

For those availing the No Limits and To The Max options, a complimentary ice cream is also given at the end of the meal. Guests are free to choose from the selection of Korean ice creams available. 

Craving for Korean? Head over to K-Pub Bbq and take advantage of their Bibimbap Lunch Set promo!

K-Pub BBQ Meat-All-You-Can Restaurant
Space 3003 Level 3 Trinoma Mall, North Ave, Quezon City
Tel Number: 910-8858
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/KPubBBQ

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