September 5, 2017

5​ ​Tips ​to​ ​Selecting ​the Best​ Holiday Accommodations ​in ​Bali

Bali is a sprawling 5000 square kilometer tropical paradise that is famed as one of the top tourist and vacation destinations in the world. Strategically located in Southeast Asia, it is blessed with an amazing climate over a wonderful complement of sea and lush landscapes. The best way to experience all of these great features is to find a holiday accommodation that will perfectly suit your needs and preferences. 

Fortunately, you can easily find the best​ ​holiday accommodation​ ​in​ ​Bali without much effort as it is filled with hotels and villas that offer great convenience to visiting tourists.

To make sure you are selecting the best Bali holiday accommodation, you can follow these tips: 

1. Choose a Strategic Location
While Bali is generally amazing when it comes to sights, sounds and activities, and you can easily find accommodations anywhere in the place, it is always best to select the location strategically by basing it on your planned itinerary and its distance from your preferred spots and activity sites. This will help you make the most out of your time and weed out the inconvenience of long, exhausting drives. As well, it sets the whole ambiance that is a great factor in how you experience your stay in Bali. 

2. Access to Public Transport or Provision of Transport Services
There are lots of reasons to roam around Bali and you need to be ready for it. That means making sure you have access to public transport or that your accommodation provider offers transport services. This means time for walks and seeking transportation are spent on visiting places and enjoying activities. 

3. Consider the Facilities and Amenities
The right accommodation do not only provide a basic place to stay but a place to stay with convenience, if not luxury. This is the role that facilities and amenities play in accommodation services, and they make sure you still feel like home by having everything you need with you. Hence, you need to consider the facilities that accommodation service providers offer for a more enjoyable experience during your stay. 

4. Check out For Other Services
Some accommodations also offer other services like tours, specific sets of activities, entertainment, and many others. All these are designed to make your Bali experience even more exciting. Choose a service provider that offers those other services that are of interest to you to save time finding them around. 

5. Spend Wisely
Your Bali experience doesn’t have to make you break the bank and it should not. Be practical in your preference of accommodations and find one that suits your budget and still have money for food and activities. Search for service providers and compare service and prices to make sure you are making the most of your money, and then maybe, saving some. 

Finding the right accommodation in Bali is crucial as it can make or break your holiday escapade. Follow these tips and more and you will sure to end up choosing the right one. 

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