November 24, 2011

Chatime-Good Tea, Good Time in Banawe

After a heavy dinner in Causeway in Banawe..

It's Chatime!

Good thing Chatime has a branch in Banawe, giving us more reason to frequent the place.

I also heard that Chatime will soon open a branch in Binondo. I bet this is good news to the Chinese community living near Binondo. Am I right?

There has been this Milk Tea Fever in the Metro this year and Chatime is one of the leading brands here in the Metro.

The only milk tea I drink before was from Tea Blends which we used to buy from school. We were so addicted to it that we would at least buy one large cup a day. Even if this requires walking about 500m everyday from the main building to Archer's Lair where Tea Blends used to stand.

But now, milk tea places are everywhere. Just like the case in Banawe, Chatime is just beside Zen Tea and just across Serenitea. Talk about direct competition. :)

What I like about Chatime in Banawe is that they have these game boards which customers could play for free. 

We played with Cranium during our visit while waiting for our orders.

Our orders came..
Grape Slush w/ Coconut Jelly (P100) for my brother

Oolong Milk Tea (P85) for my cousin Karen

Match Red Bean Smoothie w/ Coconut Jelly (P100) for my sister

Banana Coca Smoothie (P90) for D

Passion Fruit Slush w/ Coconut Jelly (P100) for me 

Everything was great especially with extra coconut jelly. Chatime is truly a perfect hangout place for everyone!
Chatime- There's Good Times Here
75-C Nicanor Roxas St.,
Banawe, Quezon City


  1. Hi berylle:)

    I shuddered in delight when I saw your blog. I see your passion for Food and it is the reason why you captured my heart. I’m currently browsing all of your post and I’m totally amazed on it.

    Btw. Thanks for dropping by at my blog and for following me, So cheers to your new follower!

  2. I didn't know Banawe has a lot of milk tea stores! :) This is another reason why I'll have to convince my parents to eat at Banawe this weekend.. ^^

  3. @QUEENIE G.

    Thanks Queenie for your nice comment! :)

  4. @Sumi Go
    We might see each other pa.. haha! :)

  5. Hi berylle, did you receive the tumbler and coffee na?

  6. we haven't tried this yet! we will do so because of your post.. cheers to more food trips! :)

  7. @peachkins
    Hi peachy! Sorry for the late ackowledgement.. Yup got it already..did not know na my mother received it na pala.. She thought it was just one of my online buys! Thanks again! :) more power to the peach kitchen! :)

  8. @MarLiesTravels
    Cheers! You may want to try their branch in Unimart greenhills.. They are serving food items there too :)

  9. @farjah
    Sure Farjah! :) Followed you too :)

  10. I love the chocolate mousse with less sugar=)

  11. @lalalife
    Really? will try it out next time :)

  12. Love Chatime because of the variety of drinks and the colors esp. purple. :)

  13. @Badet
    Their Unimart branch also has variety of food :)

  14. Oh this is En Route's sworn weakness. Some people swear by Gong Cha, but so far it's Chatime on top of the list for us :D You have got to visit their flagship store in Pioneer St., Mandaluyong, or their new big branch in Fort Bonifacio (just beside the new Mercury Drug across St. Luke's ) check out how the store looks here. It's really one of the best hangout places with chill sounds :)

    Interestingly, that Banawe branch seems to have a deeper and darker color theme

    1. Thanks for sharing the link :) The pioneer branch looks bigger and brighter . Can't wait to finally visit both Pioneer and Fort branch! :)

  15. sherry ann gole cruzMay 27, 2015

    our favorite tea,yummy and refreshing!


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