November 22, 2011

Little Store On the Hill- Little Baguio, San Juan

I have know Little Store in San Juan before but I have never gotten to enter the place. All I know was that it was a little store that offers delicacies and other packed goodies.

Last Sunday, my parents said that we will be going there for a quick snack. My mother mentioned that they serve fresh lumpia which is what they are know for.

I was a little surprised that they have a small dining area inside the store.

Articles from newspapers and magazine were framed and posted on the walls.

Upon entering the place, you can already spot the counter on the far end of the place. A menu board could be seen just above the counter and with ready to eat food selections displayed on the table.

My mom ordered their specialty Lumpia (P75)

It was actually good maybe because of the generous servings of nuts w/ sugar inside. It was sweet and nutty just the way I like it. The lumpia sauce was darker in color compared to other lumpia sauce I tried. Hmmm..made me wonder what they used for the sauce.

My sister got their Maki Mi (P105) while I ordered for the Maki (P85) only. 

I find the serving quite small since there were a lot of pork chunks inside. The waiter was kind enough to give us another small bowl of maki when my mother asked. The soup was sticky and thick but I still like Ha Yuan's Maki better. :)

My dad got himself an order of their Black Chicken Misua (P150) with a side order of Adobo Egg (P20)

Nothing really special as he said and the serving was also too small for his appetite. The adobo egg was not that tasty too.

Here are other things you can find inside the store:

Packed goodies and assortment of delicacies you can find in other oriental grocery stores.

 They have a refrigerator full of chilled products like tofu, squid balls, siopao, kikiam etc..

Bottles of condiments, Asian sauces, appetizers, dips and other canned goods

They also have a vegetable section where you can shop for some fresh greens and other ingredients.

Little Store On The Hill
2 Jose Abad Santos St.,
Little Baguio, San Juan

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