November 7, 2011

Kamayan Sa Palaisdaan- Tayabas, Quezon

Way back in my childhood, I was the kid who always visits her Lola and Aunties in the province.
Every summer break during my elementary days, I would immediately go in Gumaca, Quezon to visit them.

It's already a custom for me to have my summer there. I have friends and barkada there which were basically our neighbors sons and daughters.

Everyday we would play street games like patintero, habulan, taguan, tumbang preso etc..
I was used to play under the sun from 9am-8pm, with only lunch and dinner as our breaks.
I was the laking kalye kid who experienced those lutu-lutuan games using fresh plants and flowers like the ipil-ipil.

And as summer ends, the fact that I have to go back to Manila always saddens me big time.

But, the best part of going back is the road trip and food trip on the way home.

Our favorite stop over to have our lunch is at Tayabas, Quezon.

There was this restaurant called Kamayan sa Palaisdaan where we get to eat fresh seafood and at the same time feed some fish with our leftovers.

I can still remember those fun times.

But now, Kamayan sa Palaisdaan evolved and continued to its development. The restaurant it is now is very far from the Kamayan we used to visit before.

It is better.

We went there to eat lunch on our way back to Manila after visiting the cemetery in Gumaca.

Travellers passing by Tayabas won't definitely miss the place as it has this huge sign board just along the highway.

They now have some native chairs for their guest while waiting to be seated.

The place has been a known tourist spot for many balikbayans and people going to the southern part of Luzon.

Their kubos where customers dine were also refurnished but retained the original design of the kubo for a more native look.

I remembered back when the kawayans used as the main path to each kubo were really old and some were even broken already making it hard for us to pass by.

But now, I noticed that there were new kawayans and these were stronger ones too.

What I love most about the dining experience here is the use of banana leaves as your plate and using only your bare hands to eat.

Their Menu

Our favorite dish ever since is the Ginataang Hito (P285). We see to it that this dish is ordered every time.

One order is already good for a group of 6 people. It has this thick and rich gata (coconut milk) which is a perfect sauce to your rice.  

We ordered for their Sizzling Sisig Pork (P180) which was not bad for its price. Nothing too special about it but it was still delicious.

Next up is their Crispy Pata (P300). We normally don't order this dish because my family "tries" to practice a "healthier" lifestyle.

But not this day..

To those visiting the place in the future, you should definitely order their Crispy Pata. Yes, it's deep fried and some people may say "unhealthy", but that is why "Cheat Day" was created right? To indulge in whatever you want to eat for a day. :)

Actually, there's nothing really special about the pata itself except for the fact that it was really fried to perfection. The skin was so crispy and sinfully good. 

The best part of this dish is their special sauce which was sweet and perfect with the meat. 

Definitely a must-try!

Their Inihaw na Pusit (P220) is also a great order. You can tell that it was fresh because the meat was tender and chewy.

I love how you can still taste the smokey flavor from the grilling process. 

A famous local delicacy here is the Pilipit made from squash which is our family's favorite. It is a doughnut like pastry made from sticky rice and squash coated with melted brown sugar. There are some sellers who would roam around the kubos offering their home-made delicacy to the diners. 

One piece would cost P5-P6 depending on the seller. You may ask for a tawad (free piece) when buying several pieces.

They serve it on a banana leaf for an added native touch.

Parking won't be a problem since they have a huge lot area for your cars. But the area gets crowded too especially during holidays and peak seasons.

*You may call for reservations and orders ahead of time since waiting time before food is served is quite long. Sometimes, it takes us 1 hour of waiting for the food and 30 mins of eating :)

Kamayan sa Palaisdaan
Brgy. Dapdap, Tayabas, Quezon
Contact Numbers: (042) 7933654, (042) 7933655
Mobile: (0918) 9510460


  1. the looks like pretzels.

  2. the pilipit looks like pretzels!

  3. @Anonymous
    Yup! But actually they were just round rings :)


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