September 8, 2012

Kokoro Ramenya- Newest Ramen House in Roxas Boulevard, Ermita

Kokoro Ramenya is a new Japanese restaurant along Roxas Boulevard that features a wide selection of  ramen specialties and other Japanese cuisine classics. With the culinary team helmed by Chef Susumo Murata, it is guaranteed that their dishes are of high grade ingredients with noodles made fresh everyday. 

Hakata Classic(P325)

Kokoro Ramenya's best-seller for noodles is this rich and creamy tonkotsu noodle soup boiled for 18 hrs. topped with kikurage, chasu and soft boiled egg.

A bowl of ramen that brings comfort and warmth any time of the day. The light milky broth was complemented by the earthy flavors and crunchy texture of the toppings with firm and chewy noodles. I love how the noodles retained its al dente texture even up to the last bite.

Curry Ramen (P285)

Kokoro Ramenya's Curry Ramen is topped with chunks of chicken and vegetables in thick fragrant curry noodle soup.

A filling bowl of noodles coated in thick and flavorful curry broth is what Curry Ramen in Kokoro brings. Mildly spiced yet the rich and aromatic curry broth would definitely satiate a curry ramen craving. 

Gekikara Ramen (P275)

Gekikara Ramen is an extra-spicy miso based noodle soup with chasu slices and beansprouts.

I can eat spicy noodles but this bowl of Gekikara Ramen was just so spicy for me. All I can taste was chili and spice that was literally tongue biting- No words, just air. If you're a spicy lover, then I dare you try this bowl. 

Kokoro Tsukemen (P285) and Gyoza (P155)

Kokoro Tsukemen is basically cold noodles paired with a special Kokoro dipping sauce. Topped with tender pork belly, fish cakes, veggies and egg, this colorful plate of cold noodles is an alternative for those not in the mood for a hot bowl of ramen. The dipping sauce with sesame is what makes this dish extra flavorful and indeed special.

I really enjoyed Kokoro Ramenya's Gyoza. Each dumpling is filled with plump and juicy meat goodness with its wrapper pan-fried to perfection. 

Wakame Salad (P195)

Instead of going with the usual Japanese Kani salad, we decided to opt for Kokoro Ramenya's Wakame Salad- A healthy plate of fresh greens, cucumber, crabsticks, tomatoes with the crunchy wakame on the center topped with Japanese mayo. Don't forget to add a few drizzle of the special dressing to enhance everything a bit. 

Ebi Tempura (P275)

You can never go wrong with an order of this four large pieces Ebi Tempura deep-fried 'til perfectly crisp and crunchy. A classic favorite! 

Chirashi Sushi (P285)

And instead of getting sushi or sashimi, we had the Chirashi Suhi which is sweet vinegared rice topped with fresh salmon sashimi, unagi, tamago and kani. My favorite topping was the unagi. It was so good, I just want to scream for more! :)

Mixed Teppanyaki (P345)

A sizzling plate of teppanyaki that has it all- chicken, pork, beef and seafood with mixed veggies and corn. A great choice for someone who wants to try a little bit of everything for their teppanyaki. Every meat was juicy, tender and flavorful with a hint of smokey taste on it. 


Of course, our meal couldn't end with trying out Kokoro Ramenya's dessert selections. 

Japanese Coffee Jelly & Ice Cream (P85) and Uji Kintoki (P95)

The Japanese Coffee Jelly has a firm texture and form with a strong coffee flavor complemented with milk and a sweet vanilla ice cream on top. On the other hand, I enjoyed the Uji Kintoki which is basically green tea ice cream with red beans topped on shaved ice. Green Tea and Red Bean=perfect pair!  

Black Sesame Ice Cream (P85)

I was expecting a black sesame-flavored ice cream for the Black Sesame Ice Cream but it turned out to be vanilla ice cream drizzled with rich black sesame sauce. Nevertheless, it was great as the sauce gave the ice cream a strong and evident black sesame flavor.  


Matcha Milk Shake (P85)

I would recommend trying out the Matcha drinks at Kokoro Ramenya. Both the Matcha Shake and Matcha Milk Tea are sweet and creamy that's equally refreshing and cooling to the senses. 

Kokoro Ramenya Menu:

Kokoro Ramenya
2/F Avenue of the Arts Bldg.
1338 Roxas Blvd.,cor. Sta. Monica, Ermita, Manila

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    I've been craving for ramen lately...thanks for the heads up on this new ramen place!


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