September 9, 2012

Yen Yen 圓圓 Taiwan Street Food-Wilson,San Juan

Remember my post about the small eatery along Gilmore Ave. called Yen Yen Taiwan Street Food? Well, they now moved to a bigger and better location at Wilson St. San Juan, which has more parking space in the basement area.

Aside from the location, their menu also improved by tweaking some recipes to make their food even better and tastier.

Just a quick trivia about the restaurant- Yen Yen Taiwan Street Food started as an exhibitor in food fairs and expos selling Taiwanese sauces to the Philippine market. The owners suddenly thought of  incorporating these to actual dishes so that people could appreciate these sauces even more, hence the start of Yen Yen Noodle Cart in Shaw. Slowly but surely, they captured the hearts of the Filipinos that helped them build their first store in Gilmore. With more patrons and loyal customers, I guess the space was not enough so they decided to relocate to a bigger area in Wilson.

On the Table

Spicy Wonton (6pcs.-P140)

I remember ordering the Spicy Wonton during my first visit to Yen Yen and I must say it improved a lot. This one was spicier and tastier with the chili oil coating every piece of the fresh wonton. The fillings were also meatier and juicier making it a unanimous favorite. Notice how I used every adjective with -er? It was definitely better! :) 

Dumplings (6pcs.-P140)

These are boiled then pan-fried pork dumplings served with a dipping sauce as the perfect complement. Again, the dumplings were meaty and juicy filled with pure pork goodness. Though I prefer the Spicy Wontons over this, I'd still recommend these dumplings for the non-spicy lovers out there. 

Taiwan Sate Chami (P200) and Taipei Beef Noodle Soup w/ Tendon (P240)

We got to try this Taiwan-style Sate Chami that could be shared by 2-3 persons. Mixed with fresh vegetables and meat toppings, the sate sauce was what made this colorful plate extra special. It reminds me of the sate soup we normally have in shabu-shabu restaurants. Quite a good plate of unpretentious  noodles to share with the group.

I love tendons and the bowl of Taipei Beef Noodle Soup w/ Tendon got lots of it. You can actually taste the strong flavor of beef and tendon infused in the soup. Topped with carrots and radish, it was like a sweet bowl of savory beef stew with thick and chewy noodles. And guess what? You can have free refills of their hot and delicious soup! 

Crispy Chicken (P160)

I posted about my addiction of Taiwan's famous chicken chops before and I was so ecstatic to try Yen Yen's version. The Crispy Chicken was indeed crispy dashed with spices and seasonings to give that Taiwanese taste. The chicken was meaty and juicy as the chicken part used for this recipe was leg quarter. It was also great that the chicken chop was not too oily given that it was deep fried. 

Taiwan Pork Chops (2 pcs.-P220)

Yen Yen's Taiwan Pork Chops are crispy thin breaded pork chops with same spices as the Crispy Chicken. Though not as juicy as the chicken, these were also deep-friend and not too oily.

Red Bean on Shaved Ice (P80)

To cap off our Taiwan Street Food experience is this bowl of finely shaved ice topped with sweet red bean and condensed milk. A bowl of sweet and milky cold dessert that promises a fix to your sweet tooth. Certainly a great meal-ender! 

Yen Yen Taiwan Street Food expanded and improved not only their location but also their menu selections as well. Menu prices may show a slight increase yet Yen Yen still promises an affordable place for a quick fix meal better than other fast food restaurants. 

Yen Yen Taiwan Street Food
198 Wilson St. cor. P. Guevarra St.
San Juan City
Tel Number: 945-4389

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  1. This is near my place, I will surely visit them soon! Thanks for sharing this Berylle :)


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