September 21, 2012

Blue Toque- Gourmet Mousse Cakes and "Ultimate" Desserts

Blue Toque is a a fairly new food business started by my former batchmate in highschool, Mary Anne Ramos. After graduating in Ateneo, she pursued her passion for baking and studied Baking and Pastry Arts in ISCAHM, hence the name Blue Toque that signifies both institutions. 

Blue Toque has been actively participating in food events and weekend markets and has then gained a number of loyal customers who just couldn't resist all of Blue Toque's creations. 

The Ultimate (P150/slice- P625/6"- P1195/9")

One of Blue Toque's best-sellers is "The Ultimate" which is a multi-layer of Belgian mousse cake with a nice medley of textures and flavors. 

The Ultimate was showcased during the Ultimate Taste Test 8.0 and Foodgasm 2012 where it was awarded as UTT's Overall Winner on Dessert Category, and Foodgasm's Grand Champion and Experts' Favorite.

A slice of The Ultimate gives a smooth and creamy, melts-in-your-mouth chocolate goodness followed by a nutty and crunchy bite. Judging by the number of layers this chocolate mousse has, you will know that each cake was carefully created to make it both pleasing to the eye and palate.

Blue Toque's "The Ultimate" is now available in Parvati, Trinoma.

Nutella Mousse Cake (P575/6"-P875/8")

Just like The Ultimate, the Nutella Mousse Cake, which was showcased during the recent Ultimate Taste Test 10.0, has a nice balance of sweetness and nuttiness in it. Though the sweetness toned down a bit as compared to the Belgian chocolate mousse cake, it gave way for the hazelnut spread to do its wonders, thus making this another successful creation. I bet this will certainly land a winning spot on the UTT results.

I just can't get enough of Blue Toque's line of gourmet mousse cakes! 

Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookie (P195-6's/ P310-10's/ P300-bitesized approx.35's)

Aside from the famous mousse cakes, Blue Toque also offers delectable and yummy cookies that are made of all-natural ingredients.

I got to try the Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookie which is a big flat soft cookie with big chunks of chocolate.

The cookie was soft and chewy with just the right amount of sweetness. With the huge pieces of chocolate chunks in each cookie, you would know that Blue Toque doesn't skimp on their ingredients.

Nutella Cookies (P195-6's/ P310-10's/ P300-bitesized approx.35's)

I also tried their Nutella Cookies which were also soft and chewy. It's like their Belgian Chocolate Cookie with a twist of nutella goodness!

Cream Cheese Brownies (P225-6's/ P285-8's)

Cream Cheese Brownies are these soft and fudgy brownies with swirls of cream cheese. What I love most about these brownies is that it was more on the fudgy side rather than cakey, making it extra moist,chewy and chocolatey. 

Oreo Banoffee (P110)

Another dessert I would recommend is Blue Toque's Oreo version of the classic Banoffee Pie. I got to try this from Eastwood Gourmet Market where I first got a taste of Blue Toque's heavenly creations. Definitely a must-try! 

Blue Toque
For orders and inquiries, contact: 0917-828-5778
*prices subject to change w/o prior notice


  1. these cakes are sexy because of their softness, chewiness, and creaminess...very sensual...

  2. Wow. I can't wait to try out the Ultimate at Parvati

  3. @twitter-828774589:disqus try it out and let me know what you think! :)

  4. Nutella! Want! The Ultimate looks so good!

  5. Thanks for the heads-up that they are now in Parvati. :) Was looking on where can I find them again >:D

  6. Omg Nutella mousse cake! I wanna try this one so bad :)

  7. u8mypinkcookiesSeptember 22, 2012

    yummy. im drooling now!

  8. Love Blue Toque's The Ultimate! :D Glad it's now available in Parvati, pwedeng pwede akong bumili next week!

  9. Wow! I love Nutella. Look's yummy!

  10. Ricky BernardinoSeptember 23, 2012

    Wow, these are just mouth watering I like to taste this cream cheese brownies =)

  11. They're one of my faves during UTT X :)

  12. oh my god! grrrrr! I wanna try the nutella cookie!!!

  13. sherry ann gole cruzMay 14, 2014

    the food makes me craving for sweet!


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