September 5, 2012

Epicurean Cakes- Spread The Taste of Sweet Pleasures

Epicurean- n. a person devoted to sensual enjoyment, esp. that derived from fine food and drink
                adj. relating to or suitable for an epicure

What is Epicurean Cakes?
Epicurean Cakes is a product of sheer fascination for baking and love for sweet and yummy treats- cupcakes in particular. Epicurean cakes promises to serve nothing but delectable homemade treats that are baked fresh with the finest ingredients in the most meticulous way. 

What Makes Epicurean Cakes Creations Stand Out?
Fresh Ingredients, Passion for Baking and Sprinkle of Happiness are the secret formula for making Epicurean Cakes creation exceptionally good and yummy!

Who is Epicurean Cakes' Market?
Epicurean Cakes caters to all epicureans who crave for fine cupcakes and desserts. Basically, Epicurean Cakes is for students, young professionals, dessert lovers, kids and kids at heart. 

Epicurean Cakes is an upcoming dessert shop that will soon bring something sweet and yummy on your way. Established by the Buenafe sisters, Epicurean Cakes is set to launch this September 7, 2012

As a dessert lover (especially cakes and cupcakes), I had my share of good and bad experiences. Nevertheless, I'm still on the quest to find the perfect cupcake. Fortunately, I was able to try two of Epicurean Cakes' cupcake creations which Kim Buenafe, one of the owners, personally gave me. 

Red Velvet (P35)

Upon unboxing the cupcakes, I immediately got myself this luscious Red Velvet with Cream Cheese frosting which was elegantly made with edible pearls. Just by looking at the deep and vibrant red-colored cupcake, I knew I was on for a treat.

I easily sliced it into half as the knife smoothly glides into the soft and moist cupcake. It was truly a delightful treat of velvety cake, hint of cocoa with chocolate bits inside. The cake was not too sweet giving chance for the frosting to give its tangy and sweet flavor as a perfect complement. I love how their cupcake stayed moist and soft even after several days. A surefire bestseller from Epicurean Cakes!

Oreo S'mores Overload (P35)

The other flavor I got to try was this Oreo S'more Overload which was a chocolate cupcake topped with soft and fluffy melted marshmallow with chunks of Oreo cookies surrounding it. A beautifully crafted cupcake that promises a chocolate-y goodness from first bite to the last. 

Again, this cupcake was soft and moist, overloaded with chocolate and cookies & cream flavor. I love the nice crunch to every bite brought by the chunky Oreo bits atop the cupcake followed by the sweet and creamy blend of marshmallow and cream. Just the perfect combination for all Oreo and chocolate fanatics out there!

All of Epicurean Cakes' cupcakes are set at an introductory price of P35/pc. With the quality and taste of each cupcakes, it truly offers value for your money. I can't wait to try all other flavors of Epicurean Cakes' cupcakes. And with that affordable price, I'm pretty sure this will be a start of an inspiring success story. 

Watch out for the Epicurean Cakes' launching on September 7, 2012 as they will be offering a special promo on that day. Don't forget to follow them on facebook:

Epicurean Cakes


  1. Ang cute ng concept ng cupcakes na to. Sarap talaga ng red velvet! Thanks for sharing :D

  2. I want to try the Oreo S'mores Overload din! :D Looks really really yummy!

  3. Pauline BuenafeSeptember 06, 2012

    hi berylle!

    thank you for the positive feedback! we're glad you liked our cupcakes. expect more from Epicurean Cakes! :)

    stay tuned to our Facebook account for our official unveiling of sweet pleasures tomorrow!

  4. you're welcome kim! Your cupcakes are really good! :) More power to Epicurean Cakes! :)

  5. i want to try the mad rabbit din @sumirehana013:disqus :) Dpat pala ngshare tyo hahaha! :)

  6. welcome @Kathneko:disqus :) Agree! Red velvet the best! You should try it! :)

  7. yeah, cupcakes seem to be popular here too. a new cupcake store is opening in my area, and they are starting to make vegan cupcakes, as well.

  8. Mɑℜiɑ ♚March 10, 2015

    looks ohh so yummy! ^_^


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