March 7, 2013

Diamond Hotel's The Lobby Lounge Revisited

I've posted about my experience in Diamond Hotel's The Lobby Lounge before, and this time I brought D with me for him to give his seal of approval.

I wanted him to try Diamond Hotel's famous Truffle Fries (P200) which I first discovered at The Cake Club in Fort.

What I love about their Truffle Fries is that they remain crispy all throughout. The smell of truffle is there after every bite and the only thing I hate about it is the carbs, calories and extra pounds I get from finishing a whole order. I honestly am not a fan of fries but I think I'll make truffle fries an exception. 

Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli (P455)

I missed to try this during my first visit so I decided to order one for us. The ravioli were stuffed with spinach and ricotta cheese which tasted very light yet filling. I love that they included more spinach on the side and chopped walnuts for added texture. 

Zucchini Cream (P250)

I remember how I enjoyed Lobby Lounge's Zucchini Cream with the Parmesan Cheese Crisp on top, so I ordered one for D. He said it was good but I noticed that it was different from the one I had before. This bowl looked pale in color and the cheese was not crispy enough either.

Lamb Burger (P510)

The moment D was waiting for.. Diamond Hotel's Lamb Burger- Morrocan spiced lamb patty, feta, Parmesan cheese and harissa yogurt with onions, tomatoes and lettuce with a side of crispy fries. 

The lamb patty was so thick and juicy, D devoured it in minutes. Looks like he really enjoyed this one.. he mentioned how good it was several times. 

For dessert, I ordered for Ispahan (P280)- a macaron-based dessert with lychee, raspberries, cream and rose essence. 

Since we still got room for more dessert, we also had some Genmaicha and Super Moist Chocolate Cake Ice Cream (P180/2 scoops) 

We both liked the Genmaicha with its distinct roasted brown rice flavor. The Super Moist Chocolate Cake on the other hand has this bitter-sweet taste with some chocolate cake bits in it.

Diamond Hotel's Lobby Lounge Menu:

Overall, D enjoyed the Lobby Lounge so much especially their Lamb Burger. Their menu may not be that extensive but that just shows how they perfect each dish to make it special.

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The Lobby Lounge
Diamond Hotel, Roxas Blvd., cor.
Dr. J. Quintos St. Manila
5283000 ext. 1121
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  1. I miss all the desserts of Lobby Lounge! :)

  2. Everything looks good! I think I want to try their Truffle Fries :)

    Anyway, are you going tomorrow to Foodgasm? Saw that you're one of the blogger judges, too!


  3. fifi leighMarch 09, 2013

    the food looks good, except for the lamb burgers. i would never it sheep meat. lamb is even worse because it is sheep's baby. Vegan burgers would be so much better.

  4. yes @70c17894c4bce47da1d9b9c22eaf0960:disqus i'll be there :) hope to see you! :)


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