June 17, 2011

Restaurante Pia Y Damaso-Greenbelt 5

"Damaso had taken some raw eggs beaten up with wine, and that morning had said not a word and taken almost nothing for breakfast; he scarcely tasted a glass of milk, a cup of chocolate, and a dozen biscuits, heroically giving up the fried chicken and half a cottage cheese from Laguna which he had every morning..."

A deal we got from Cashcashpinoy was a P300 for P600 worth of food and drinks at Restaurante Pia Y Damaso in Greenbelt 5.

At first, we planned on going for a desserts galore and try out their best-seller cakes. But we ended up ordering for their cooked items and splurged on their desserts. Which caused us to pay more than our voucher's worth.
Their Menu:


Pasta & Sandwiches:


Salad Choices:

Chicken & Fowl Dishes: 

Beef & Game Dishes:

Fish & Seafood:

Pork Dishes:



Coffee & Tea:

On the table:

Ham & Chicken Croquettes (P160)

The croquettes looked like mini chicken cordon bleu. The flavor of the mushroom was very prominent but did not overpower the taste of chicken and ham. Not bad for its price.

Chicken Gallantina on Whole Wheat Pandesal (P160)

Nothing too special with this sandwich. It was just wheat pandesal with lettuce, tomatoes and a small chunk of chicken breast.

Creamy Tinapa, Asparagus & Fish Fillet (P300)

My personal favorite. I loved how the taste of tinapa blended well with the pasta. It was creamy and flavorful at the same time. 

Desserts Galore

Maria Clara's Velvety White Cheesecake (P220)

Only the touch of dayap made this cheesecake special. But the cheesecake itself was very heavy to eat. It has a thick consistency that made us skip to the next dessert we ordered after 2 bites.

Sisa's Dementia (P160)

One of their best-sellers. Highly recommended to chocolate lovers. The cake had three layers of chocolate: the bottom layer which is like chocolate brownies; the middle layer of white chocolate almond pastille & dark chocolate mousse and the topmost layer of ganache.

Salvi's Canonigo (P100)

I noticed that this was a crowd favorite. Every table seemed to order this dessert that made us order one for ourselves. For just a hundred bucks, i was completely overwhelmed with its texture and taste. So light- It was like soft marshmallows that literally melts in your mouth. The mango balls were a perfect touch to this dessert.

Diablo (P150)

If you are a fan of chili chocolate flavors, this dessert is for you. This may take a little while to be served because it is freshly baked upon order. This was to ensure that it was served Smokin' Hot! :)

Desserts Galore

And just by answering their customer feedback survey, diners will get a complimentary Tocino Del Cielo(P35)

This was their version of leche flan. Was quite sweet though but still delicious.

Restaurante Pia Y Damaso
Greenbelt 5, Greenbelt Paseo de Roxas cor. Legaspi St., Ayala Center Makati
Tel Num: 729-5511


  1. Damaso has lot's to offer, I even saw an Ostritch dish on the menu...will definitely be checking this out...will be following you, hope you also do with mine at http://www.gastronomybyjoy.com

  2. Funny! Super daming desserts 

  3. lots of delicious menu.. love it!

  4. Helen gatbontonMay 18, 2014

    thats great review,ansarap naman nyan picture plang what more kung nakita ko yan,laffang


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