March 18, 2013

Heroes Hobby Lounge by MaxiCollector- Toys for the Big Boys in Bonifacio High Street

We were strolling around Bonifacio High Street one weekend afternoon when D suddenly stops at this concept store called Heroes by MaxiCollector. It is basically a shop/showroom of action figures, DC and Marvel characters which D really wishes to collect in the future. I could still imagine his eagerness to enter the place with his eyes wide open and acting like a kid who've been to Disneyland. 

I must admit, these action figures and collections are of high quality, thus it comes with a hefty price tag too. Some toys are for display only while some cost around 10,000-100,000+. 

In addition to the the toy store concept, it is also a lounge where customers could sit down and have some snacks and drinks. 

Grilled Wings (P175)- 6 pcs. of lightly marinated grilled wings

We liked this one however the size of the wings were too small. I love the sweet glaze and smokey grilled flavor but it didn't seep through the chicken wings. 

Pork BBQ (P95)-2 pcs. of our special pork barbecue

It's great that their pork barbecue has less fat on it. It was tender and juicy with the sweet and smokey taste like it was really fresh off the grill. 

Sweet & Spicy Tapa (P245)- served with fried egg and our very own fried rice

A generous serving of the classic Pinoy breakfast served with fried rice and 2 eggs on the side. Again, it was sweet but it wasn't spicy at all. There wasn't much fat trimmings but the beef slices were tender and juicy. 

Heroes Hobby Lounge Menu:

Heroes Hobby Lounge is a great place to stay especially for guys who loves collecting or even just looking at these action figures. D finally found his shrine in High Street.. perhaps he would not join me in window shopping next time because of this.

It's Beryllicious Picks:
Sweet and Spicy Tapa
Pork BBQ

Heroes Hobby Lounge by MaxiCollector 
B6-971, Building 6, Bonifacio High Street, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
Tel Num: 5117327


  1. We're a fan of the toys here. Haven't tried the food! Will try it out one time.

  2. Looking at it, you might be dining here again soon. :) My little bro will love this place too! :)

  3. The tapa looks mouthwatering *drools*

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