November 6, 2013

Top Torikatsu Classic and Cheese & Chives by Bounty Fresh

Have you tried the latest product from Bounty Fresh? Introducing, Top Torikatsu, the newest heat-and-eat offering from the award-winning makers of quality and innovative chicken products in the market.

Top Torikatsu is made out of 100% chicken breast meat coated in breadcrumbs, and comes in 2 flavors- Classic and Cheese & Chives.

I first tried the classic variant with tasty mayonnaise filling. Each pack consist of 6 pieces ready-to-cook breaded chicken fillets. 

The whole reparation was very quick and easy, plus cooking instructions could also be seen at the back part of the packaging. Just heat some oil in a pan, fry your Top Torikatsu on both sides until golden brown, and garnish, if desired, with some herbs and spices. 

The end result? Tada!!

This is me trying hard to be the next Top Chef  :)

Since I want more sauce into my katsu, I decided to place some extra Japanese mayo on the side. 

D, on the other hand, wants his Top Torikatsu with egg, so we made this Top Torikatsu Don for him. 

We both love how meaty and juicy the chicken fillets were. And did I mention that each pack sells for P179.00 only? Pretty affordable right?? 

We'd still go to our favorite katsu place whenever we crave for katsu, but this is definitely on our list when we just want to stay at home and enjoy the tasty Japanese treat. Plus, it is also ideal for working professionals who don't have the luxury of time to prepare a gourmet-like meal everyday.

Check out this video:

Top Torikatsu is available in leading supermarkets like SM, S&R, Landmark, Unimart and Makati Supermarket branches.

For more information, visit their Facebook Fan Page:


  1. I love this!! The first time I cooked this, my sister asked if it's from Yabu haha

  2. I wish for the great of success in all of our destiny endeavors


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