October 5, 2016

Oishi Great Lakes Pure Pressed Apple and Just Right Red Grape for a Great Day!

Want to hear something great? Oishi Great Lakes, brings us two new flavors, in addition to their  a line of natural fruit and vegetable juices.  Just like the original flavors, the new Pure Pressed Apple and Just Right Red Grape, are made with pure and wholesome goodness. Great Lakes is all about natural- that means no artificial coloring, flavors, and sweeteners are added.

Aside from their naturally beneficial properties, the Great Lakes juices have a clean, refreshing taste that is not too sweet, nor too bitter as is expected in natural fruit juice.

Great Lakes Pure Pressed Apple is made from 100% apple juice. The cloudiness in color is caused by the natural fiber in apples, thus imparting a different taste than your regular apple juice.

On the other hand, Just Right Red Grape, has the right amount of natural grape juice, with sweet and luscious taste that is "just right".

Great Lakes is a must staple at home as it offers wholesome refreshment that can be enjoyed by all ages! With it’s two yummy new flavors, it’s an easy and refreshing way to bring more fruits and vegetables into your family’s diet!

So even when you’re stuck in the middle of a bad day, turn it around with an all-natural, refreshing drink that taste great – Great Lakes!

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Great Lakes is available nationwide in major supermarkets and convenience stores, for P20.00 for handy 250ml packs, and P70.00 for the resealable 1L variants.
*Price may vary per supermarket or grocery stores

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