December 9, 2016

Thai Cooking Class by Chef in Stilettos Cecille Chang for only P2,500!

Are you tired of the usual coffee dates, dinner dates, and movie dates every time you plan a get together with friends or families? Why not look for an interesting activity that will challenge your skills and unleash the inner chefs in you. Join a Thai Cooking Class led by the Chef in Stilettos herself, Chef Cecille Chang

Last week, I was lucky enough to join her class together with some blogger friends. Price for each session is P2,500, which includes all the things you will need- cooking tools, equipment, handouts, recipes, apron, and ingredients. Plus, you get to eat or take home all the dishes you cooked.

Since it was a hand-on cooking class, everyone got a chance to cook all recipes in the handouts. We cooked 5 dishes that day, starting with an appetizer of Thai Spring Rolls or Paw Pia That.

Chef Cecille demonstrated the whole process first, and let everyone taste the final dish after. This approach made it easier for everyone to follow the steps rather than just reading from the handouts.

We didn't fry the spring rolls yet since we will be preparing more dishes.

Next on the list was the Green Chicken Curry which everyone, even non-spicy eaters raved about.

The secret to cooking Thai cuisine is the use of fresh and quality of ingredients. Should there be a need for substitutes, Chef Cecille makes sure that she uses and recommends only the best brands available.

Chef Cecille makes cooking Green Chicken Curry looks so easy! True enough, the process was easy to learn and follow (of course with the help and assistance of chef).

Voila! Here's my very own Green Chicken Curry following Chef Cecille's recipe. She also gave us a tip on how to make the color for the green curry more vibrant. Want to know the secret? Take her class and discover that secret ingredient. *wink

Most people might think that pomelo salad is Thailand's signature salad, but actually it is Som Tam or Thai Green Papaya Salad.

Again, this was another dish that's so fun and easy to prepare. The secret lies in the sauce and its essential ingredient- chili.

After a refreshing and healthy salad, we move on to the soup. Of course, it was none other than the Hot and Sour Prawn Soup of Thailand, or Tom Yum Kung.

It's surprising how these simple ingredients could turn into hot bowl of soup packed with strong and bold flavors. It was the perfect balance of sour and spicy!

Last but not the least, my favorite dish of all- Pad Thai.

Since I love Pad Thai, this was the dish I was most looking forward to cooking. I was excited to learn the secrets of cooking the perfect pad thai, and at the same time be able to enjoy it in the comfort of my own home. I must say, I think I did pretty well! All thanks to Chef Cecille who was very hands all throughout the class.

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