May 27, 2017

What Kind of Activities Are Included in a Vacation Package?

You’ve heard of travel companies that offer an all-inclusive vacation package and understand they typically include hotel, car rentals, and travel arrangements. What you may not know is that many of the bundled vacation offerings also include activities that are covered in full or at least provided at deep discounts. If you are thinking about taking a vacation and wonder what sorts of activities are likely to be included in a package, here are some examples of what you will find. 

Concert Tickets

As part of the package, you may have tickets to concerts taking place near your vacation spot. Depending on the nature of the package, the tickets could be to see a specific performer who will be appearing on specific nights during your stay. If the tickets are for a concert venue with a revolving slate of regular performers, you may be able to look at who is playing which nights and select the show you'd like to see. 

Guided Tours

While you always have the option of exploring your vacation destination without any help, your package may include one or two guided tours. This is not unusual when there are quite a few things to see that are of historical importance. The tours allow you to be part of group that departs from your hotel and spends most of the day visiting different sites of interest. The package may also cover the cost of a meal if the tour will last for most of the day. 

Sporting Events

Your vacation package could include free or discounted access to local sporting events. Think of how nice it would be to take in an afternoon or early evening baseball game or check out a local golf tournament without having to spend a lot of money. If your destination happens to be along a coastline, you may even have the chance to tag along for a salt-water fishing contest and have the opportunity to try your luck. 

An Evening Out Featuring Local Cuisine

It’s not unusual for a vacation package to include something that has to do with food. Along with free breakfasts and other types of goodies at the hotel, your vacation arrangements may include the opportunity to sign up for a group and attend a feast at a local venue. For example, a trip to Hawaii will likely mean the chance to attend and enjoy a luau. If you are thinking of spending your vacation in Italy, nothing will do but to enjoy an authentic meal of local cuisine prepared fresh and by hand. 

Sports Lessons

Have you ever wanted to play tennis but never had the time to learn? Perhaps you would like to try your hand at scuba diving. Depending on where you are going for your vacation, there’s a good chance that lessons under the care of a trained professional will be part of your package. Whether your goal is to finally learn to swim or get the hang of swinging a racquet, it’s easy enough to set up appointments and learn in a safe and secure environment. 

When planning your vacation, always ask about different packages and what they include. Along with basic packages, it’s often possible to customize the activities that are bundled in if you are willing to spend a little more up front. Rest assured that doing allows you to make the most of your time away from home and get to do all the things you like.

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