June 18, 2012

The Frazzled Cook- Mandaluyong

Aside from Cookbook Kitchen, I also wanted to try out The Frazzled Cook in Mandaluyong. I don't know but there seems to be something in both restaurants that I'd be willing to visit even if it was far from our place. Finally, the day has arrived.

If you're not familiar with Mandaluyong area, the place is quite hard to find. I suggest you do some research or check out the place in google maps before planning a visit. Yes, I'm saying that cause we missed the street where we should be turning. 

We visited during dinner time so the streets were dark making it harder to find the place. At last, we found the bright yellow signboard that holds its name. 

The quaint restaurant dazzled us with a bright chandelier that illuminates the place. The non uniformity of the wooden tables and chairs (that might even be older than our age) reminds me of ancestral houses people would visit to see their grandparents. It feels so warm and cozy with cute pieces of collections and vintage postcards on the wall. 

Shrimp and Squid Croquettes (P275)

For appetizers, we got these croquettes that are made up of shrimp, squid and sticky rice breaded and deep fried until golden brown. This is a must-try in Frazzled Cook! I'll definitely order this again on our next visit.

Paella Negra (P400)

A visit to Frazzled cook wouldn't be complete without an order of their paella. We went for the Paella Negra which was topped with shrimp, sausage, egg, bell peppers, squid and green peas. Honestly, I wasn't that much impressed cause the paella lacked the squid flavor. We should have gotten the Seafood Paella instead as the waiter suggested. Oh well, lesson learned. Next time we really should listen to the waiter's recommendations.

Spicy Cajun Fish (P375)

For our fish course, we got what the waiter recommended, the Spicy Cajun Fish. It is best paired with saffron rice but since we already have paella, we got a siding of assorted vegetables instead. 

It was a whole fillet of cream dory seasoned with cajun spices and then pan fried to make the outside part crisp and golden brown. 

Being a spicy food lover, I find this dish spicy yet flavorful. But D said that it was really spicy and he had to eat it together with the paella. 

Grilled Chicken Rosemary (P180)

The Grilled Chicken Rosemary was a steal for its price. Serving was big that comes with a siding of your choice. In our case we got the mashed potatoes which tasted really fresh and simple. Gravy was poured over the big chunk of chicken fillet which made this dish even more savory and delicious.  

Pinkerton Red Velvet Ice Cream (P120)

We enjoyed this scoop of red velvet ice cream mainly because it was something new to the taste buds and you can actually feel the cake bits on it. The only setback was that the cost was higher than the usual ice cream. Taste wise, it was really really good and I don't regret that we tried this one out. 

The Frazzled Cook Menu:

The Frazzled Cook

916 Luna Mencias St.
Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City
Contact Number: 782-5980