May 6, 2012

Cookbook Kitchen Eastwood- Passion For Taste

It has been 2 years since I last dined in Cookbook Kitchen. I could still remember how I fell in love with their Parmesan Crusted White Fish. My tummy was left craving for more since I was with friends that time and we had to share an order. 

I promised to go back but unfortunately, it never happened.

After 2 looongg years..we're finally back! This time we got to try their branch in Eastwood City. 

The place looked different from the casual and homey ambiance of their Mandaluyong branch. This was  more sophisticated and modernized with orange hues and dimmed lights. It was more spacious too. 

to start off, I ordered for their Super Salad (P200) which consists of fresh greens, tomatoes, cucumbers and tender chunks of chicken. We also chose the honey mustard dressing over the balsamic vinaigrette. 

We also got the Creamy Shrimp Linguine (P260) which is basically pasta in white cream sauce   with generous amount of shrimp pieces and celery bits. 

I love the thick creamy white sauce of the pasta and was quite happy with the shrimp serving. Reminded me of the generous amount of shrimp from Brewkus' Shrimply Loaded

Finally, the star of the night.. 

Parmesan Crusted White Fish Petite (P200)

Rich, succulent white fish baked to perfection! This is definitely a must-try in Cookbook Kitchen.

It's still the same Parmesan Crusted White Fish I fell in love with. I love the delicate flaky texture of the white fish with a little crunch from the parmesan crust.

I can't wait for our next Cookbook Kitchen experience. :) 

Cookbook Kitchen
1880-A Bldg. Eastwood Drive, 
Eastwood City, Quezon City
8 Socorro Fernandez St.,
cor. Luna Mencias St. Mandaluyong
724-3595, 381-5935
Facebook Page: Cookbook Kitchen


  1. Parmesan and Fish seems to be an odd match but from the looks of it, I'm sure it tasted good.

  2. avagabondmomMay 06, 2012

    I'm not a fan of fish dishes but the Parmesan Crusted White Fish looks really heavenly!

  3. I want to try the Parmesan Crusted White Fish! :)

  4. Tin RomeroMay 06, 2012

    i'ld like to try this out, your pics look delish! 

  5. Their pricing is affordable ah given their nice ambiance and great food.  I will take note of your suggestion para pag naka visit kami hihi.  But, their branches are really far =(

  6. Maria Estrella LedesmaMay 06, 2012

    Is this your individual order?  If so, then P660 for one person is a bit pricey, if you shared this then the servings are too small to be shared.  If I pay P500++for myself, the food must be very good and not just good.

  7. Mai_FloresMay 06, 2012

    Another great review sis! When I first read about you raving about the Parmesan Crusted White Fish on your first visit, I knew I had to try it as well. I'm not allergic to fish, so this would surely be a hit for me.

  8. the name sounds interesting. But I thought this is a kind of restaurant where you will be given a cookbook and you will be the one to cook it for yourself. LOL... but in fairness, looks delciious.

  9. ohmygosh :O temptation :OO
    we don't have that here yet though :(

  10. Everytime i dine in to resto here ,hubby knows already what I want .... fish ,if they don't have on the menu book,for sure he'll gonna ask the staff  if it is available.

  11. the price is looking right and so the foods are looking delish..mmmm..

  12. we shared our orders. :) For me, i think their serving could be shared by two already.. the one whole fish dory came with rice too :) so 350 for each person is i guess worth it already :) 

  13. agree..kailangan tlga sadyain..but worth it namn for me :) 

  14. yup tastes heavenly too haha! :) 

  15. thank you mai! :) try it out and let me know how was it :) 

  16. The food looks delicious! Do you recall how far it is from The Frazzled Cook? Do you also recall if they do have high chairs for toddlers? 

  17. we visited their eastwood branch so it's far from frazzled cook. I think you're referring to their mandaluyong branch which is near frazzled.. I think just a block away :) 


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