May 11, 2012

Culinaria Capampangan Festival w/ Chef Sau Del Rosario at Corniche Diamond Hotel

Diamond Hotel Philippines is featuring Filipino Food Festival this May that highlights genuine flavors from Pampanga prepared by renowned Chef Sau Del Rosario at its premiere dining destination Corniche. Experience Culinaria Capampangan at the buffet from May 10-19 and sample a spread of local dishes dishes from the "Culinary Capital of the Philippines".

Treat yourself to a creative and innovative Capampangan fares such as Lamb Chops Ratatouille in Kaldereta Sauce; US Beef Rib-Eye and Portobello Confits in Bistek Sauce; Gule Marangle (Pinakbet with Tuyo Flakes); Begukan (Binangongan Pampanga style) with Crispy Pork; and Crispy Pata Kare-Kare with Farm Vegetables and Bagoong.

We were privileged to try out Culinaria Capampangan Cycle 1 and sample the culinary wonders of Chef Sau Del Rosario.

Fried Catfish Fillet w/ Buru & Vegetables, Camaru & Vegetable Spring Rolls, Ceviche w/ Pomelo, Chicken Galantina Roulade, Whole Maya Maya Mayonesa 
Adobo, Quesong Puti & Salted Egg Pizza, Corn Soup w/ Crabmeat, Pancit Luglug
US Sirloin Bistek w/ Shitake Confits, Crispy Pata Kare-Kare w/ Veggies, Pork Sisig Foie Gras & Organic Egg
Lamb Chops Ratatouille Kaldereta, Ox Tongue Cream of Mushroom & Corn, Aligue Fried Rice, Pinakbet w/ Shrimp & Crispy Pata
Whole Baby Lechon w/ Stuffed Curried Rice

Notable dishes that you should not miss are the Pork Sisig Foie Gras- though it was not that crunchy, it was really flavorful and sinfully good! 

The Fried Catfish Fillet w/ Buru was something new to my taste buds. I love the crunchiness of the catfish that complemented the mushy and sticky texture of the Buru (fermented rice). 

The Adobo, Quesong Puti & Salted Egg Pizza is another notable dish that includes three great tasting Filipino food and delicacies that gave the usual pizza a unique twist. 

Of course, you should also try the Cripsy Pata Kare Kare with sauce that was creamy and nutty at the same time. 

The Ox Tongue was perfectly soft and tender in thick creamy sauce that I paired with the Aligue Rice

Another must try is the Lamb Kaldereta which despite the gamey flavor from the lamb was still juicy and almost fall of the bone. 

Last but certainly not the least is the Baby Lechon which I no longer need to explain why it's included in my list..Seriously, just because it is Lechon. :)


Ube Haleya, Tibok-Tibok, Brazo de Mais, Tocillo Del Cielo

Moving on to the desserts, aside from sampling the usual desserts from Corniche-Ice cream from their ice cream bar which we managed to try all different flavors, we also tried the Capampangan desserts such as Ube Jaleya, Tibok Tibok, Tocillo del Cielo and Brazo de Mais.

My favorites were the Tocillo del Cielo and Brazo de Mais. Tocillo del Cielo is just like our regular leche flan but this was softer with a custard-like texture that melts in your mouth. On the other hand, what I love about the Brazo de Mais was the light airy texture of the meringue layer followed by the soft and rich mais custard filling.

It was truly a night to remember at Diamond Hotel's Corniche. Great tasting Filipino dishes that everyone must try. Hurry and try the Culinaria Capampangan Festival from May 10-19, 2012.

And to add more excitement, guests availing of the buffet will get a chance to win Roundtrip Airline Tickets for Two to Bohol with Accommodations!

Visit Corniche at Diamond Hotel and rediscover the uniqueness of Capampangan cuisine for only Php 1,600 nett per person. You can also enjoy the buffet with free flowing tropical juices at Php 1,888 nett per person.  For reservations call Diamond Hotel Philippines at 528-3000 local 1121. The buffet promotion is not available in conjunction with other discounts or offers. Prior reservation is encouraged.

Diamond Hotel Roxas Blvd. cor. 
Dr. J. Quintos St. Manila
Contact Number: 528-3000 loc 1121
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  1. As a chef, this is my kind of event.  It's just sad that I am not in the Philippines right now.  *sigh*

    I miss Filipino food so much that just by looking at the pics above makes me drool.  Ooops.  I love the menu especially the dessert part!   I want one!

  2. I super enjoyed this meal.  First time for me to actually enjoy capampangan.  I'm glad we were in the best hands. =D

  3. liezeliceMay 12, 2012

    oh i love the dessert... i think I saw chef in person already but I'm not sure from w/c event... anyways the looks tempting and delish

  4. foods look really tasty <3

    by the way, im currently having a blog giveaway.
    i hope you can join :)

  5. Wow! that's lots and lots of food. This will be such a great food experience. 

  6. unsugarcoatedreviewsMay 12, 2012

    So many food! I want to try them all :D

  7. Mai_FloresMay 12, 2012

    Wow!!!! Gastronomic as always! I would love to sample that Whole Baby Lechon w/ Stuffed Curried Rice.. That looked as if it was packed with flavor!!! Nom-Nom!

  8. yummy and enticing pictures you have here!!!i love all the shrimps dishes and the desserts. problem is i usually can't eat much when i can see all the food so the P1,600 maybe too much for me haha... 

  9. love the presentation

  10. thanks for sharing!! love this and I want to try this too

  11. Wow! Naku sino kaya magyayaya sa akin dito, would love to try! ;)

  12. i'm craving for lechon! missing all those Fil foods...

  13. These look so delish. I know Capampangan cuisine are really excellent to the taste.:)

  14. I love the food though I don't love the price (too high for me =P ).

  15. Would love to try any of those food. Kaso may kamahalan ng konti.

  16. I'm not into lechon, but that stuffed baby lechon looks worth trying!

  17. I am really a big fan of Kapampangan food .For me .they serve the best food especially during "fiesta". All the food serves are hard to resist. The hotel food is pricey but I can try them maybe on special occasions or if it is a treat. 

  18. Jonathan DiestaMay 12, 2012

    Wow! Kapampangan food is truly delicious that is why we considered it as The Culinary Capital of the Philippines.

  19. wow... don't know which to pick first, kare2x... stuffed lechon or the desserts... this is really nice for a buffet... kaya pala 1,600.. lol. Yahweh bless.

  20. Maria Estrella LedesmaMay 12, 2012

    all that food will cause my cholesterol to soar! hahaha, but seriously Kapangpangan food is delish!

  21. OH WOW! Filipino food ftw!

  22. Kapampangans are really good in this art of cooking. Almost everyone I know who came from that province knows make sure that whatever they are preparing will be oh so yummy!

  23. GilCamporazoMay 13, 2012

    Foods by renowned chef are beyond description. I do like attending this kind of festival. Someday I may be able to attend.

  24. Great to see Chef Sau featured here. Hope Le Bistro Vert will open again soon.

  25. The photos are making me drool! As somebody who lived all her life in Manila, I'm always keen on having food that comes from other places in the country. Pampanga is one of the places that when mentioned to me, delicious food automatically comes to mind.

  26. Capampangan food has got to be the one of the richest culinary cultures, and the spread really looks awesome! Great photos!

  27. ooohhh! this made me drool!

  28. marrimyeMay 13, 2012

    Yummy treats for starving stomachs...
    All dishes seem to taste superb!

  29. I envy this cool chef... Ir eally admired chefs who can cook any kind of dish...

  30. Noks Sosa I SiningFactory.comMay 14, 2012

    Yummy. The food looks decent. I would love to taste all of them. Sarap sa mata and for sure sa panlasa rin. :)

  31. Everything looks great! I'd like to try the pork sisig foie gras, aligue fried rice, and all the desserts. :)

  32. That curry rice stuffed lechon and the chicken galantina roullade! That's a lot of yummy stuff :D

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  34. hello! I know this is an old post, but would you know if they alternated cycles everyday back then?


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