May 7, 2012

Quantum Cafe- Fun Nights with SPIT Manila

A number of healthy restaurants have been continuously growing and accepted by people nowadays. 

It seems more and more people are gearing towards the healthy lifestyle thus the success of these establishments.

After my Sugarleaf experience, I promised to eat healthier food and try to open myself in trying out new healthy restaurants.

Luckily, we got the opportunity to try out Quantum Cafe in Makati.

Upon entering, you will find yourself in a large spacious room filled with long tables, a big stage and a bar area. It was very different from other restaurants you can think of. Quantum Cafe had this very casual and cozy vibe that makes every diner feels like they are just hanging out at a friend's house or even just chilling out at home.

Ms. Happy Feraren happily greeted and welcomed us into Quantum Cafe which they also call their "extended home".

She talked about her mother's passion for food and her father's enthusiasm over health and fitness. A great combination that truly complements each other and so the birth of Quantum Cafe.

Quantum Cafe is basically not a vegetarian restaurant as others, including me, initially thought it was. 

Yes, they also serve fish, beef, chicken and pork in a healthier way of course.

First served to us was their Sizzling Bangus Sisig (P290)

Served in a hot sizzling plate, it comes with some lettuce leaves where you can wrap the sisig and enjoy digging on it the Korean way. 

The sisig was creamy and flavorful with the rich mayo dressing incorporated on it. I could say that this is definitely a must-try in Quantum Cafe.

Quantum Cafe is also famous for their freshly made pizzas. All their pizza are made from whole wheat crust freshly made upon order. 

We got to try their new pizza flavor called FullShroom Pizza (P190)- Whole wheat thin-crusted pizza topped with oyster mushrooms and cheeses

I love this pizza! The crust was no longer crunchy when we ate it mainly because we were busy taking photos of the food. Nevertheless, we enjoyed it very much and the oyster mushrooms had this perfect chewy-crunchy texture at the same time. A hint of sweetness kicks in as you bite onto the oyster mushrooms that perfectly complements the creamy saltiness from the mozzarella cheese. 

Another pizza we got to try was their Northern Mix (P150)- fresh tomato sauce,Ilocos longganisa ang kesong puti

This time we took photos faster and immediately grabbed a slice. The crust was indeed crunchy topped with generous amount of longganisa and kesong puti. This one had a tangy tomato-based sauce that tasted really light yet meaty. 

If I were to choose which among the two pizza I like best, the Fullshroom Pizza would be my pick. It was sweet, cheesy, chewy, crunchy and all other great characteristic of a pizza you can think of. 

The sound of their Quantum Burger (P150)- handmade garden veggie burger on a whole wheat bun  caught our interest and we were told that it was actually made from banana blossom. Interesting!

It was served in a whole wheat bread with fresh lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber slices and the burger patty itself was quite thick and big. Texture was soft and juicy with a little crunchiness from the banana blossom itself. 

Quantum Burger is another dish which I would definitely recommend. 

Hainanese Bangus (P220)- boneless bangus belly served Hainanese style

Interesting right? We are used to Hainanese Chicken and it was our first time to hear about Hainanese Bangus. Served with the usual ginger and soy sauce, brown rice beautifully wrapped in nori and side dish of greens this is truly a surprising great combination.

What I like most about the fish was that each bite had this soft and delicate texture that really melts into your mouth. Taste was light, fresh and clean that is perfect for those who wants something healthy and delicious at the same time.

Their pasta selections reminded me of the beetroot pasta I've tried before. Quantum Cafe's pasta are also infused with different veggies like malunggay and carrots which are equally healthy and unique.

This time we tried their Red Pesto Pasta (P220)- carrot pasta topped by their red pesto sauce, olives and tomatoes

I noticed the same texture for the pasta which was a bit dry and rough not in a bad way though. I guess it is really the texture of pasta infused with different vegetables compared to those refined and smooth texture of regular pasta. 

The pasta was mixed with red pesto sauce which was sun-dried tomato sauce in oil then topped with black olives and plum tomatoes.

And because our visit was on Thursday night, it was also SPIT night! An event at Quantum Cafe wherein diners would get a night of fun and laughter. It is not your usual stand up comedy as the hosts don't have scripts and they create everything on the spot.

We really enjoyed our SPIT experience at Quantum Cafe, all diners that night including us, actively participated in the games. Too bad we had to go immediately after the first few segments but we promised to be back and catch another funtastic night with SPIT. 

The SPIT Manila Cast
Quantum Cafe
9590 Feron Building, Kamagong cor.
Bagtikan St. Makati City
Contact Number: 519-0757


  1. Let's go back to Quantum Cafe soon! :D Love the food and the SPIT entertainment! <3

  2. Wow, Those foods looks delicious... makapunta nga dyan someday =)

  3. U8mypinkcookiesMay 07, 2012

    i think i want that burger and pasta

  4. Cool, nice to know about this. Haven't heard about this place before...and they serve healthy food pa at reasonable prices! I should ask my friends to check out this place too! Kakagutom ang food. :-)

  5. queenie g.May 07, 2012

    it must be a perfect place for me:)

  6. GilCamporazoMay 07, 2012

    I go with healthy lifestyle! The foods offered in Quantum Cafe are too heavy for the pocket that is for me. But in any case, they're nutritious and yummy. I like some of the dishes.

  7. I enjoyed reading that post realy awesome

  8. wow!
    Food Trip and being healthy, for me is a weird combination.
    Considering that to be healthy ask that we take things in moderation, especially the food.
    But looking at the food shots!
    No wonder! It got me hungry!

  9. Princess TanMay 07, 2012

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  10. Yup!  Let's come back and bring along the boys.  I'm sure it will be loads of fun. =D Excited!

  11. I want to try the bangus sisig, and the hainanese bangus got me curious. :)

  12. Oh my gosh, they have beetroot pasta!! I wanna go I wanna go!!

  13. Another coffee shop and restaurant .Dam ing choices sa Philippines. Sarap ng bangus at sisig.

  14. actually they have carrot and malunggay pasta :) we tried the carrot pasta and it has the same texture of the beetroot pasta I tried before in Sugarleaf :) 

  15. go visit Quantum cafe michy! try visiting on Thurday nights to catch Spit.. It was really fun! :) 

  16. cool.... I love the bangus sisig

  17. marrimyeMay 10, 2012

    What a bunch of savory dishes you have here.
    I like to taste them all.  WOW! I'm craving for pizza now.


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