May 3, 2012

Shang Tsu 上廚- Taiwanese Cuisine in Tomas Morato

The first time I've read about Shang Tsu, I was completely sold to try it out. And since it serves Taiwanese cuisine, the first restaurant that I thought of was Yen Yen Taiwan Street Food.

Hot tea was served initially and we started to check out their menu.

Taiwan Oyster Pancake (P105)

The moment this was served on our table, I was quite surprised on how the oyster cake looked. It came in an orange colored sauce which seems to be sweet chili. 

The oyster pancake was different from the oyster cakes we've tried in chinese restaurants. The top layer was like ordinary egg omelette with greens and oysters. But what caught our attention was the clear glob of jelly underneath that gave a chewier texture to the dish. I guess that's what makes their Oyster Pancake special. 

Crispy Fried Tofu (75)

Shang Tsu got 3 kinds of tofu dishes but we decided to get their Crispy Fried Tofu- deep fried tofu squares in thin crisp coating with silky soft tofu inside. 

The dash of spices on top of the tofu added saltiness and gave a more enhanced flavor to the dish. 

I recommend eating it as is as the sauce that came with it was extremely salty. 

Tender Beef Stew Set Meal (P185)

An order of their rice set meals includes a cup of rice and assorted side dishes. The side dishes we got were mixed veggies, egg wedges and tofu.

For the Tender Beef Stew, yes it was tender but the dish lacked flavor and was a bit bland.

Our next orders reminded me of Tasty Dumplings which for me, still got the best porkchop rice ever.

Steamed Kutchay Dumplings 6 pcs. (P75)

Shang Tsu's kutchay dumplings were wrapped in thin coating compared to that of Tasty's but judging from taste, I'd still prefer Tasty's over Shang Tsu's.

Crispy Porkchop Noodle Soup (P165)

I was a bit disappointed with their porkchop since I even asked the server if their porkchop is thick or thin. She told me that their porkchop are thin and big so I was expecting that they have the same porkchop as Tasty's

Turned out, it was still thick and serving was not even that big. 

The taste was somewhat similar to that of YenYen's only this was saltier and seemed a bit overcooked.

On the other hand, the noodles that came with the porkchop was really big and can already be shared by two. 

It came in a huge bowl of clear broth with generous serving of bean sprouts and chewy noodles.

Shang Tsu Menu:

Honestly, I don't think we would visit Shang Tsu again any time soon. But we're not closing our doors in trying out other dishes from their menu. 

Shang Tsu
Unit 5, 74 Creekside Square,
Tomas Morato Ave. Quezon City


  1. I hope they improve their food sayang its a cheap taiwan option hehe

  2. Ruben Licera SOTMMay 03, 2012

    Hope to see them opened in Cebu. The food cost is just reasonable!

  3. that oyster pancake looks soo yummy, i wanna try it to! hopefully they could have more branches here in manila :)

  4. Maybe they were having a bad night.  The food looks good though.  =)

  5. That tofu looks inviting. I  can never know how to cook it myself properly. I always like my tofu crispy like that one but I always end up ruining it. Haha

  6. the oyster pancake looks odd! and too bad the porkchop didn't come out as you expected it to be. :(

  7. GilCamporazoMay 03, 2012

    How does Taiwanese cooking differ from ours? I've not tasted any such style of cooking by the Taiwanese.

  8. Food looks interesting. I haven't tried Taiwanese food yet, how is it different from the usual chinese cuisines?

  9. Eto lang talaga na miss ko sa Chinese food e... Sana meron din sila dito sa ortigas.

  10. Sayang their food items aren't there yet when it comes to taste. Mukhang masarap pa naman sana >.< Hope they improve their quality.

  11. Their oyster cake looks interesting! I haven't tried any which has jelly on it. I'm thinking it'll be like some sort of aspic? I think I'll give this one a try. Thanks for sharing Beryll :)

  12. i tried one Taiwanese food at Food Repulic HK and didn't like it din...

  13. Food is priced reasonably :)

  14. Aww.. Sarap pa naman tignan ng mga pagkain...

    Tignan lang pal... hehe...

  15. now i realized I havent tasted dumplings

  16. Wow! Affordable Taiwanese treats! Will try this! :)

  17. marrimyeMay 07, 2012

    When it comes to food...
    every person would want to try even a bite of 
    new dishes available in the market. may it be
    Filipino, Chinese, Japanese or Taiwanese.
    The taste is what matters. If it's delicious...
    people will definitely crave for it again and again.

  18. Eye Candy (IKND)May 09, 2012

    The oyster pancake got me really curious. :)


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