August 1, 2012

Nuat Thai "Create Your Own Spa Experience"- Tomas Morato

Everyone deserves to be pampered once in a while. For me, a day to relax and de-stress would automatically be a trip to the spa. Normally, I would avail of the regular 1-hr massage and then I'm done. But sometimes, I feel unsatisfied and wanted more of some pampering sessions.

I remember having a whole day of relaxation earlier this year when we got the chance to visit Sonya's Garden in Tagaytay. It was one of the best places I've been to calm my senses and have a day to unwind.

But, not everyone would have the luxury to drive all the way to Tagaytay and spend more than thousands just to have a 2-hr spa service in a tranquil garden far away from home.

Good thing, you may also experience the same space of serenity here in the bustling streets of the Metro. The place I'm talking about is in Nuat Thai- Tomas Morato Branch.

After a late lunch in Octoboy-Tomas Morato with the gang, we excitedly went to Nuat Thai and try out some of their services. Little did we know that we were off for some pampering feast! 

Here are the standard and regular spa services of Nuat Thai- Tomas Morato.

And to give their guests the luxury of experiencing a day of pamper and care, Nuat Thai-Tomas Morato has come up with an exciting new feature for their services. Wondering what to choose between body scrub or body massage? Why choose when you can have both plus an add on to complete this "Make Your Own Spa Experience".

For as low as P700, you may experience this head-to-toe package that is equally relaxing and gentle on the pockets.

I opted for the P1150 spa package that includes a body scrub, body massage and an add-on of  both manicure and pedicure.

To give us an idea of how their foot and body ritual selections would feel like, they let us smell the different scents available.

And now, it's time to create our own package!

I settled for something that is perfect after a pig-out session with fellow foodies.

Royale Contour- a toning and firming body ritual with the use of essential oils together with a relaxing Dead Sea Salt scrub to boost metabolism and for proper blood circulation.
1-hr Swedish Massage- an hour long body massage with the use of body lotion and various massage strokes to relax the body and relieve muscle stiffness and pain.
Orly Manicure and Pedicure- essential manicure and pedicure with the use of Orly brand polish.

After choosing our own spa experience, we were led to the massage area on the second floor of the building. It was a Saturday afternoon so the place gets easily jam-packed with loyal customers and new clients as well.

I love the modern and zen-inspired look of the place with purple, white and black hues giving it a cozy and relaxed feel. Several images of the Thai Buddha were displayed in the reception area and also along the pathway to the massage rooms. 

Since my massage was a Swedish one, I got a Swedish bed which is higher compared to the flat bed of the regular Thai massage. The bed was also covered in a plastic wrap that would be needed for the body scrub later on.

Royal Contour Body Ritual (P650)

My ritual started with the cleansing of the body with the use of a body cleanser. After which my therapist Red started to gently scrub the back of my legs and feet with the exfoliant that was a bit rough and grainy. I didn't mind though as it was helpful to remove dead skin cells and smoothen up the surface of the skin. 

She then applied the same procedure to my back and arms. After every application of the scrub, she would carefully wipe the surface with steamed towels and then apply moisturizer on to it. This is one way to closeup the pores after it was opened from the scrubbing process. The moisturizer also helps to keep the skin hydrated and at the same time gives your skin a younger and baby feel.

The last step in this body ritual is the application of a mud mask to replenish and revitalize the skin.  It helps to restore the natural suppleness and at the same time refreshes the skin with a cooling sensation.

I was then wrapped in the plastic sheet underneath me to keep me warm while the therapist leaves the room and comes back after 20 minutes. The moment she unwrapped me, I can feel the sweat dripping off my body which is I guess a good thing. It wasn't called Royal Contour for nothing right? I could just imagine that these are all impurities that left my body.

I was led to the shower room to rinse off the dried mask and some granules of the scrub left on my body. Shampoo and a generous amount of body wash was provided to make sure that everything was cleansed thoroughly. Believe me when I say that my skin felt softer and smoother after the shower. 

1-Hr Swedish Massage (P350)

I am a Swedish massage buff and every time we go to a spa, Swedish Massage in on my top list of services to avail. 

For Nuat Thai's Swedish massage, it involves various massage strokes, pressure point massages, a lot of kneading and deep circular movements with some tapping of the skin. This is one way to relax the muscles by applying pressure and improve blood circulation. 

An aromatic lotion was used which is a lot better compared to some massage oils that tends to get sticky and greasy after the massage. It has this citrus and fruity smell that helps calm the senses and made me feel rejuvenated afterwards.

At the end of the massage, I was offered with some tea together with a warm towel just in case I need to wipe off the lotion applied on my body.

Orly Manicure and Pedicure (P340)

My last pampering service was a manicure and pedicure with the use of Orly polish. I truly felt like royalty since two attendants were actually working on me. While the first one was busy cleaning my nails, the other was working on my toes.

I was then asked to pick from a variety of Orly colors which I think has a lot more choices compared to other salons I've been. I just love it when I get to choose from a wider range of colors and not limit myself to the basic ones. 

Most of Nuat Thai's customers prefer the brand Orly and they are willing to pay a premium price for it. But in my case, the package I chose already includes an Orly polish.

And summing up my services, that would be a total of P1340 for just a fixed price of P1150. A P190 savings!!

Nuat Thai's Other Services:

Aside from the new packages we tried in Nuat Thai, they also have their basic services that is regularly sought after by loyal clients. This includes the Aromatherapy Massage w/ Herbal Balls (P550) that lasts for 90 minutes.

This involves an aromatic massage that stimulates and invigorates the senses with the use of essential oils and warm bean bags where the herbal balls are placed. This massage is done in a flat bed where a lot of stretching is done to relax the muscles and ease some tensions. The aroma from the herbal balls helps in calming the senses and harmonize the body at the same time.

Nuat Thai's "Make Your Own Spa Experience" is definitely worth to avail. Aside from having the luxury to choose from different pampering services, you also get to save as much as P200!

Nuat Thai Spa- Tomas Morato
277 Tomas Morato Ave., 
cor. Sct. Limbaga St., Quezon City
Tel Number: 413-1446