August 15, 2012

The Magnolia Flavor House at Robinson's Magnolia

Remember the Old Magnolia Ice Cream House in Aurora Boulevard that we used to visit back then? Well, I certainly do. The memories are still vivid and fresh in my mind. I remember the place being crowded with kids, smiling and laughing while digging their spoons into their favorite ice cream sundaes, banana splits and parfaits. It was like a wonderland of desserts full of new surprises and sweet encounters. So, imagine the sadness I felt when the classic ice cream parlor closed down. 

August 13, 2012, Robinson's Magnolia, the latest lifestyle shopping center in Quezon City opened its doors to the public giving them a new place to hang out and rekindle memories with friends and families. 

Got a chance to visit the place and look what we found! The new Magnolia Flavor House located just outside the mall. We just couldn't pass the chance to try it out since we were already there.

Glass windows sheltered the place giving a spectacular view of the mall. The blue and white chairs gave a contemporary look that exudes a nostalgic vibe.

They are still on soft opening with limited menu offerings. I remember the last time we dined at Magnolia House, they had this huge menu board with extensive food and dessert choices. 

I just had to order our classic favorite- Banana Split (P240).  

The Banana Split comes with three ice cream scoops of different flavors- chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. It was sprinkled with crushed nuts and mini mallows, drizzled with chocolate syrup and topped with whipped cream and cherry. Then finished off with two slices of chocolate-dipped frozen bananas with candy sprinkles on the side.

If only the bananas were fresh instead of frozen, then I think I would have enjoyed this more. Nevertheless, it was still great being able to have this banana split again. 

Magnolia Flavor House Menu:

We're excited to visit Magnolia Flavor House again to try other food offerings. We were told that they would be adding more desserts and dishes soon after their soft opening. Can't wait to bring the whole family here!

Magnolia Flavor House
Doña M. Hemady Ave.,
cor. Aurora Blvd.,Quezon City


  1. Awwwwww.. this is the original ice cream house. I want! I want! :)

  2. I didn't even know there's a Robinsons Magnolia in QC.. >.< Anyway, will definitely visit this when I get the chance! :D I super love ice cream!!!

  3. Thanks for sharin :D I love ice cream too kaya lang nakakasira ng diet! :DHope your readers can join my anniversary giveaway:

  4. bago lang sya e.. dating magnolia factory! :)

  5. thanks for dropping by Kath! :) agree! super nkakasira ng diet! isang order plng three scoops na hahaha! :)

  6. balik kami pag dumami na cguro choices nila.. mejo limited plng ngyn e :)

  7. The old magnolia house in Aurora blvd was a big part of my parents dating memories and o0ur child hood memories as well. After it closed down, we missed it so much that we checkedout the marnolia ice cream parlor as soon as it opened in San Miguel by the Bay in MOA. It didn't last long though. We'll visit them soon pag may parfaits na we love tower sundaes ehl.

  8. I'm not really fond of magnolia's ice cream but girl your post made me re-consider. :))

  9. the food dudeAugust 17, 2012

    This place just brings back so many memories, great post!

  10. Tin | The Average JaneAugust 17, 2012

    Oh wow! We used to visit their Harrison Plaza and Intramuros branches all the time. It's one of my fondest childhood memories. =)

    Tin | The Average Jane

  11. yay!!! magnolia flavor house is back! :)

  12. They will need some improvement. Just for our order of 5 food items, there were so many mistakes.

    1) Service was slow and the system does not have the "well oiled machinery" of a restaurant. I'm not even comparing it with McDo/Jollibee-style well-oiled. Waitress brings food to our table, we ask for extra plates before she sets the food down, then she takes the food back and serves the extra plates along with it. At the service counter, the servers seemed to be confused on whether to use the rectangular tray or the round one. Wouldn't it be better if they use only the bigger rectangular tray?

    2) The clubhouse sandwich was oozing with mayonnaise. No, it was practically squirting out the sides. Mayonnaise would probably be their #1 condiment expense, followed by banana ketchup. We all wasted so much napkin wiping away the excess mayo. As for the clubhouse, why was one of our clubhouse sandwiches held together by toothpicks, while the other didn't have any?

    3) Seriously, banana ketchup in a respectable restaurant?

    4) We were disappointed with dessert too. Our banana split's banana does not look like this blog's banana. Not much mallows too, and I couldn't see the sprinkles at all. The chocolate coating has almost completely disintegrated from the banana that when we asked the manager about it, he also thought it wasn't presentable. We just didn't want to waste food, so we declined a replacement.

    These errors are easy to correct. I told the manager all our concerns before we left. So even as my sister vowed never to go back, I will consider going back, even just to see if they have made the corrections.

  13. Aww. So sorry to hear about your experience.. Hopefully they would do something about it soon.. Yes, do give them another chance since they are still of soft opening :)

  14. I was delighted to see the Banana Split - my favorite Magnolia House concoction when I was little. But, the prices have gone up, noh? :)

  15. Do they still have the magnolia ice cream cake? I miss them.

  16. sherry ann gole cruzApril 02, 2014

    i love magnolia ice cream! yummy!


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